So What Do You Think of the Miami Dolphins' Rumored New Logo?

Erik FrenzSenior Writer IDecember 26, 2012

Photo courtesy Paul Lukas, @UniWatch
Photo courtesy Paul Lukas, @UniWatch

The Miami Dolphins are looking to change their logo for the 2013 season: That's old news.

The new news is what it will look like or at least what it's rumored to look like.

Paul Lukas, better known as UniWatch on Twitter, has staked a reputation for being on top of all the uniform and logo news across all sports, at all levels. He unveiled what is rumored to be the new Dolphins logo in a tweet posted Wednesday morning.

Here's a cleaner version of that new Dolphins logo that's circulating. Still not sure if it's legit.…

— Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) December 26, 2012

The colors remain entirely unchanged, which should come as no surprise.

The less obvious change is the bottle-cap sun in the background; the current logo features only the larger ridges—16 of them, to be exact. This time around, there are 14 larger ridges and 14 smaller ones, in between. 

The bigger, more noteworthy changes are to the dolphin itself, which traded in its helmet and eyes for a more sleek design. The new dolphin, with an upward-slanting tail arching into an upward-pointing nose, is positioned differently than the previous logo, where the dolphin's tail was pointing downward and had the face located closer to the center of the sun.

What do you think of the new logo? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments below.


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