Fulham's Dimitar Berbatov Would Like You to Keep Calm and Pass Him the Ball

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 26, 2012

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed
Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

Dimitar Berbatov has got this. 

The scintillating striker who is renewed at Fulham just scored once again for the Cottagers and revealed quite the message for fans as well as teammates. 

The 31-year-old scored early in Fulham's fixture with Southampton and then proceeded to reveal pretty much the best shirt ever. 

The striker was yellow carded for ripping off his shirt and showing off his formidable swag, and Fulham ended up conceding a goal in the 85th minute, splitting points with Southampton after the 1-1 draw, but the real story remains Berbatov. 

BuzzFeed has video of the goal, as well as the following fantastic image of a striker coming back to life and loving every last minute of it. 

As you see, under the jersey was a shirt with "Keep Calm and Pass the Me the Ball" inked on the front. 

Confident? You bet. Cocky? Possibly. 

But I love every last drop of ink on that shirt. After spending four years with Manchester United, Berbatov seems like a new man and has scored five goals in 14 games this season. 

Much like any top-tier competitor, regardless of sport, he is ready to deliver if you would just pass him the damn ball. 

More than precision, strength and pace, you want confidence in your man up top. The Bulgarian forward proved that he has some to spare. 

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