WWE: Was Beth Phoenix's 'Firing' Truly Necessary?

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIDecember 26, 2012

The Glamazon Beth Phoenix as Divas Champion. Image by WWE
The Glamazon Beth Phoenix as Divas Champion. Image by WWE

It is not easy watching Divas matches these days.

Nothing extravagant ever happens anymore, and watching a certain crazy chick skip around the ring and acting all psycho simply will not cut it.

I miss the Glamazon!

According to Wikipedia and her own Twitter account, Beth Phoenix requested her release to be able to spend time with her family and take advantage of the goodness life has to offer.

My family waited patiently for 10 years while I chased my dreams.I decided it was time to come home to put family first. That's the reason.

— Beth Phoenix (@TheBethPhoenix) November 2, 2012

On Monday Night Raw, Vickie Guerrero's feud with AJ Lee spilled over and dragged the female powerhouse into it. Beth was then booked to wrestle the nutcase and lost the match via roll-up (what a surprise), but a cocky Cougar restarted the match.

Beth easily won that in a few seconds, but it was a bittersweet victory. During a backstage promo, Vickie informed her that her services were no longer required and she would be immediately fired.

Yes, just like that.

Was that necessary? Was it in any way the right thing to do in order to say thank you for all the good work this magnificent woman accomplished for her division?

Had she been booked to look dominant during her final championship reign and placed in an angle with fellow Diva of Doom Natalya, then perhaps she wouldn't have requested to leave. 

It is like that in many aspects of life. If there is no future, it is time to move on to bigger and better things.

Instead of facing Maria Menounos at WrestleMania XXVIII, Beth and Nattie should have come to blows over the Divas championship. That is what everyone wanted.

Yes, everyone wished for that or a cataclysmic encounter with fellow ring goddess Kharma, none of which happened, of course.

In a nutshell, she was dismissed, simply tossed aside instead of being written out properly or at least in a way that would suit an athlete of her caliber.

She is the Phoenix. Having her go out in style, leaving the possibility of a return someday by rising from the ashes would have been of much better taste.

Her departure leaves an immense void that will not be filled so easily. 

Natalya is hopefully going to pick up the ball and take Eve Torres to her limits, but with all the focus on the not-so-interesting AJ Lee starring in the "I'm a psycho" angle, the chances of a fantastic championship match happening anytime soon are slim to none.

It is a wonder why writers and officials choose such a rather insulting method to get a character off camera.

John Morrison, The Bellas and Beth Phoenix were all released in rather cheap ways. It may be part of the business, but this is hardly an appropriate way to do things.

With all the comings and goings in this business, there are endless storylines to be created if only the talent are given a proper send-off.

The Glamazon deserved better on the 29th of October, 2012. It was a shame how her character as a whole was handled in the final year. So much potential ruined. 

Time will tell if she will ever grace the WWE Universe with her presence again. One can only hope but never forget that anything can happen in this company.

The fire still burns!