WWE: The Return of the New Age Outlaws Will Help Many Young Tag Teams

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIDecember 27, 2012

Photo Credit: http://www.notinhalloffame.com/wwe/item/1612-102-the-new-age-outlaws
Photo Credit: http://www.notinhalloffame.com/wwe/item/1612-102-the-new-age-outlaws

There is absolutely nothing negative you can say about the return of The New Age Outlaws to the WWE tag team division. Whether it is just for a run on the house show circuit or a part-time gig on Monday Night Raw, the return of "The Road Dogg" and Billy Gunn will help all the young tag teams in WWE.

One of the biggest gripes from fans of WWE is the lack of focus on the tag team division over the past 10 years. The lack of focus on tag teams comes from the utter disdain that Vince McMahon has over the art of tag team wrestling.

The belief in the WWE has always been that singles superstars are the ones that bring in the biggest amount of money to live events and Pay-Per-View. While that may be true, there is nothing better than a well-rounded card, and that's what a solid tag team division brings you.

This wasn't always the case in WWE. For the better part of the 1980s and into the early 1990s, tag teams were a huge part of every major event. And in the late 1990s, there was no bigger tag team in WWE than The New Age Outlaws.

The word broke recently that Billy Gunn was returning to WWE as a trainer at their development facility, NXT. As we saw on the "Slammy Awards" edition of Monday Night Raw, The Outlaws presented an award together to a very grand ovation from the Philadelphia crowd.

With the injuries suffered by the tag team of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara at the hands of The Shield, the door was blown wide open for a new (old?) tag team to help fill the void. The New Age Outlaws were added to multiple house shows to see what they have left in the tank.

There is no question in my mind that both competitors can still go at a high level. However, will that level be high enough to earn a spot on the roster in the foreseeable future?

Last night in Detroit, The New Age Outlaws took on Rhodes Scholars in a match that the crowd was very into, according to a live event report on The Wrestling Wrealm Facebook group. The team is also scheduled to wrestle tonight in Madison Square Garden in New York City and Sunday in Raleigh, N.C.

Is this a tryout for the team? Could we be seeing The New Age Outlaws on Raw more often than not?

I believe the answer is yes! While there are now an abundance of tag teams to fill the division. there isn't a solid veteran team that can help mold all the young guns on the roster. Whether you're talking about the team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd, The Usos or The Prime Time Players, there is youth all over the place that Billy Gunn and Jesse James can mold into amazing tag teams.

Could this be a short, house show run that will be forgotten in the near future? Probably, but if the crowds continue to react positively and the matches are solid, WWE will see nothing but dollar signs from the reuniting New Age Outlaws!

And more importantly, they will get everything they can possibly get out of their young tag teams on the division.

The future of the tag team division is bright, but a blast from the past is always an added bonus.

Keep it real.

"Jersey Strong" Jay


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