AJ McCarron Reportedly Dating Auburn Grad Who Is Also Former Miss Alabama

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 27, 2012

Photo Credit: Katherine Webb Twitter
Photo Credit: Katherine Webb Twitter

AJ McCarron may have just stepped across the rivalry line to date a very lovely Auburn grad. Something tells me even the most ardent Alabama fan will give him a pass. 

Busted Coverge happened upon a marvelous picture of the Alabama quarterback enjoying himself during the holidays with alleged girlfriend Katherine Webb. 

It just so happens that his enjoyment may have come in tandem with a beautiful young woman who is apparently a former Miss Alabama. 

More importantly, she is also an Auburn alum. 

Here is a picture snapped off of the two and posted on Webb's Twitter account.

@10ajmccarron 😘 twitter.com/_KatherineWebb…

— Katherine Webb (@_KatherineWebb) December 24, 2012


As for the details, Busted Coverge delivers a wealth of goodies. 

Webb, 23, graduated from Auburn in 2011, went on to win Miss Alabama 2012, took a job with Chick-fil-A as a training director and somehow started chatting with McCarron on Twitter (@_KatherineWebb) as the Tide were closing in on the SEC championship.

One thing leads to another and they’re snuggling for a photo on Christmas Eve.

Normally, this would be the time to playfully freak out that the Alabama quarterback is dating an alum of the sworn enemy. 

However, we just looked at Webb's picture again and have forgotten what we were supposed to write about...

Anyhoo, Webb has since tweeted specifics, such as not working at what we assume is shorthand for Chik-fil-A. 

There is no telling how McCarron and the rest of the Tide will fare in the BCS title game. It's clear, however, that he is about to have a very good New Year. 

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