Triple H: Assessing the Game's Impact in His Backstage Role with the WWE So Far

Elliott Binks@ Writer IIIDecember 28, 2012

It’s now been two years since Triple H was officially confirmed as a major player within the WWE hierarchy. He was formally announced as Vince McMahon’s Senior Advisor in September 2010.

Since then, he has been promoted to the role of Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events—a very long-winded title indeed, but what exactly does such a role entail?

A detailed description can be found here, but essentially, it means that Triple H is in charge of a number of aspects of the company, including talent relations, talent development and recruitment, while he also holds significant influence over storylines and the general creative direction.

Long story short, Triple H holds a lot of power over the major decisions in the WWE.

And though it remains early days in the former 12-time world champion’s corporate career, we have witnessed significant changes over the past couple of years—many of which appear to have been instigated by the Game himself.

So how exactly is Triple H doing in his backstage role with the WWE?

This article identifies the most prominent developments that the WWE has witnessed since the Cerebral Assassin made the switch to behind the scenes, evaluating the success of his initiatives along the way.

First, let’s start with the positives.




One of the most notable developments in recent months has been the emergence of NXT talent on the main WWE roster.

After The Shield’s debut at Survivor Series and Big E Langston's resounding debut a few weeks ago on Raw, we are already being given a glimpse of the company’s future stars.

Add to that the likes of Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow and there are now a number of future main-eventers being given the opportunities that they fully deserve.

The fact that this influx of new talent has come at the same time as Triple H’s involvement in talent development would appear to be no small coincidence.

Triple H has allegedly been given near-complete control of WWE developmental, and the dramatic and hugely successful overhaul of NXT has been widely acknowledged as the Game’s doing.

The WWE, now, has a world-class development system, capable of refining and producing a number of the world’s top-quality professional wrestlers—and for that, Triple H should be highly commended.

It’s also been reported that he is particularly hot on tag-team action. So does this mean the division’s recent revival has been a result of Triple H’s creative control?

While it most likely hasn’t been solely his decision, it appears probable that he had a strong word in increasing the depth of the division with the formation of Team Hell No, Rhodes Scholars, and perhaps, even the Prime Time Players.



Once again, this can only be a good as it is an area of the company that has been severely lacking in recent years, thus, the change is another highly welcome alteration to the WWE product.

Finally, it could also be Triple H’s thinking that has helped CM Punk remain champion for so long.

It has been reported that he has been looking to extend the length of various title reigns in order to bring back the prestige of such belts. While other aspects, such as the sheer talent of CM Punk, have no doubt contributed to the outstanding year-long title reign, without Triple H’s influence such an idea may never have even been considered in the first place.



While there have been a number of positives, Triple H’s reign has unfortunately been far from perfect.

As mentioned earlier, his prioritisation of tag-team competition has been a welcome development, but that in turn has been accompanied by a decline in the quality of Divas action.

It's incredibly rare to now see female competition last longer than three minutes and even rarer still to see a match containing more than a few actual wrestling moves in it.

Though Eve has done a good job with the title as of late, the division is a shadow of its former self, and this could well be due to Triple H having “never been high on women’s wrestling.”



Nonetheless, a number of new faces have been added to the NXT roster, so we could yet see a return to form for a division that once was one of the most exciting aspects of WWE programming.

But until then, it’s rather hard to praise the Game for his handling of the Divas division in the WWE.

Perhaps, the biggest issue, though, is one that has been a criticism of Triple H for a number of years now—his ego.

The most notable feature of this has been his decision to include himself in key WWE storylines, such as the Summer of Punk last year which resulted in a match between the two men at Night of Champions of 2011.

But then again, if he’s going to involve himself in matches such as his epic encounter with the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII, there can be little argument against that in all honesty.

The match demonstrated that the King of Kings could still deliver in the ring and was one of the greatest pieces of professional wrestling storytelling that I myself have ever witnessed.

His feud with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam also attracted criticism, but nonetheless, it was good for business and yielded a strong buyrate for the PPV.

Another example of his inability to ignore personal preferences could be his decision to push Sheamus as the No. 2 face of the company.



It’s no secret that the Irishman and Triple H are good friends outside of the ring, and many believe such favouritism is the reason Sheamus has had such a fruitful 2012.

But once again, this decision works from a business perspective, as Sheamus is hugely appealing and marketable to his target demographic, which obviously isn’t a younger adult fan such as myself.

So while he may indeed have let personal preferences influence his decisions, more often than not those decisions have proved to be of benefit to the company in some capacity or another.

On that evidence, surely we must view such actions as a success?



Perhaps, I may be somewhat biased, but for me, it appears that Triple H is doing a pretty solid job in his new role as Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events.

While the rejuvenation of the tag team division and CM Punk’s extended title reign may not have been solely his doing, he certainly seemed to have an influence on them. The improvement in the company’s development system, meanwhile, very much seems to be an initiative overseen by the Game.

Such investment in the future is hugely promising for the company, and does much to suggest that he could fulfil his promise from Raw 1000 of seeing us all again when they “hit 2000.”



As for his involvement in the ring, truth be told, we are starting to see less of it, and he hasn't interfered in anyone else’s feuds this year, rather he has produced them himself.

Furthermore, his time in the ring seems to be getting ever rarer, a fact that is reinforced by his recent decision to shave off the iconic ponytail and don a more “corporate” cut.

All in all, I feel that the WWE is once again on the up now that Triple H is in charge, and there is potential for the company to enjoy another prosperous period in the years to come under his guidance.

Sure, it may not be the perfect scenario, but it’s an arrangement that seems to be working perfectly well. Let’s just hope he can keep up the good work.

Of course, I appreciate that you guys may have your own, differing opinions on this matter. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on this subject, as well as any of the issues discussed earlier in the article.


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