Welcome Back to the 'Who Dat Nation,' Sean Payton: You Have Been Warned, NFL

Jason BernosContributor IIDecember 29, 2012

Via NOLA.com
Via NOLA.com

New Orleans Saints fans have had very little to cheer about in this lost season of 2012, but the Friday evening report by Fox's Jay Glazer gave Who Dat Nation reason to go nuts over social media and in the streets of New Orleans.

It was like the Drew Brees contract-signing all over again, except this time the big money doesn't tie into the Saints salary cap.

What's the "big money" you ask? How about $7.5 million over five years, that big enough for you?

It was basically the same contract extension that Sean Payton and New Orleans had agreed to almost a year ago. That gives you the feeling that Payton wasn't going anywhere, especially to Dallas. It also gives you the feeling that the coach has unfinished business in NOLA, despite already having one Lombardi trophy on his resume.

Without Payton's in-game adjustments and presence on game days, this was an average team that beckoned to the streaky groups that Jim Haslett used to have. Just think, this team could win eight games without its leader and with a defense that was terrible at first but has come on lately.

That's amazing. 

What's even more amazing is what could be in store for 2013.

I see Payton coming back to New Orleans with one purpose: to leave every other team in his dust and not stop until he doesn't have enough fingers to hold his rings, but I guess that's what toes are for, huh?

I liken Payton's situation to Bill Belichick's 2007 New England Patriots team when his name was disgraced with the Spygate controversy. Both men had their reputations tarnished. Belichick ran off 17 straight wins after his scandal while never taking his foot off of the accelerator.

If you don't think Payton has that same mindset, you must have been asleep these past six years.

Let's just hope it ends up with a different result, and Roger Goodell has to awkwardly smile and hand over the Lombardi trophy to Payton and the Saints.