Great Effort, Giants, but Try Playing Well When It Actually Matters Next Time

Brandon AlisogluCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 30:  Brandon Graham #54 of the Philadelphia Eagles and  Martellus Bennett #85 of the New York Giants argue after a play in the fourth quarter at MetLife Stadium on December 30, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The New York Giants defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 42-7.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

That was an absolute work of art, New York Giants. A scintillating masterpiece. 

The Giants annihilated the Philadelphia Eagles, 42-7. 

Eli Manning threw five touchdown passes and averaged 9.9 yards per attempt. Astonishing!

The defense made Michael Vick look like a wide-eyed rookie. He averaged just 5.6 yards per attempt and finished with a quarterback rating of 68.4. Bravo!

But you probably didn't see it or even know that this performance occurred. You know why? Because that game meant absolutely nothing!

So, Giants, what in the heck was that?

Did you seriously send the Philadelphia Eagles home after knocking the crap out of them by 35 points? Seriously?

The past two weeks were chances for the Giants to make the postseason. Those were games that actually had an impact on the season.

And how did the New York "football" Giants fare in those two meaningful contests? They lost by a combined score of 67-14.


They didn't even notch a single point against the Atlanta Falcons. They failed to look competitive against the Baltimore Ravens, letting Joe Flacco go to work and post a 114.2 quarterback rating.

Joe Flacco! JOE FLACCO!

And once it's all over...once there is nothing to play for, you fellows decide to break out your "A-game." To knock an opponent to the ground and step on their neck.

What is that? Could there be a larger slap in the face of the fans?

Sure, an optimist might point out that at least they gave it their all in front of their fans in a meaningless game. Those are hard to get up for. The Giants demonstrated that they are professionals who respect their craft.

I would whole-heartedly disagree with that notion. If they were professionals, they would have given an effort when there was something to win. 

And you know what the "funniest" part of all this is? I'm not even a Giants fan. Just a guy trying to pick a few games and win a couple dollars.

How can anyone do that when teams put on performances as inconsistent and varied as the New York Giants.

Rejoice, Giants fans. The year is over. Maybe they'll be dominate in the preseason. I hear those games don't count for much.