Behind the Scenes at GSP's World Famous Tri-Star Gym

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowDecember 31, 2012

The Ultimate Show moves past what was an exciting weekend at UFC 155, as Cain Velasquez took his heavyweight belt back from Junior dos Santos in a war that lasted five rounds.

The always-entertaining Pat Barry stops by to give TUS his last installment in his Move of the Week series, as he shows us how to throw a right knee that freezes your opponent for a back door low kick opening.  

With the return of GSP, the Ultimate Show made a trek up to the world famous Tri-Star gym in Montreal, Canada. Head trainer Firas Zahabi took time out of his hectic schedule to give us his thoughts on everything from how he got started in MMA, to how the popular gym has grown these past few years.

With Strikeforce in disarray, you have to hear what Tim Kennedy has to say in this interview on this week’s episode of The Ultimate Show