Arsenal: Why I Hate the January Transfer Window Speculation

Brett Kaplan@brettkaplanCorrespondent IIIJanuary 1, 2013

Arsene Wenger
Arsene WengerRichard Heathcote/Getty Images

I strongly feel that Arsenal needs some reinforcements into the squad as they find themselves in a battle to stay in the top four of the Premier League and in that coveted Champions League spot.

On the top of my wish list, along with most Gunners, would be David Villa, who for experience alone would be worth his transfer fee. I would also like to see another defender/defensive midfielder.

I'm also like everyone else and admit to reading all of the websites about rumors every morning.  That being said, I hate all the gossip and speculation over the January transfer window and strongly believe it's a distraction to the team and the coaching staff.

I'm sure the current players want to see talent come into the squad but I often ask myself, at what cost is all this talk?

The players understand that the game is a business for them but after going through preseason as well as building a bond on and off the field, they now need to worry about their place in either the lineup or even the team.

They could also look at the transfer window as a crutch and figure that the player(s) coming in will solve the team's play.

New signings take time to develop chemistry with the current players around them and have unfair heightened expectations that are placed on them by the supporters. Often times, it can be a tall task for a player to come into the squad from another league and get accustomed to a different style of play than what they're used to.

A player needs to be strong mentally and welcome the pressure that comes with playing for a club like Arsenal. A lot of times a player may only speak a foreign language and need to learn a common language that the majority of his teammates speak in order to communicate on the field.

Also, potentially moving a player's family to a new country where they don't know anyone can seem daunting. That is why the support staff for Arsenal as well as the current players' families are a huge factor in assuring a player's success.

To this day, I still believe that if Andrey Arshavin had come into the squad in the summer rather than having had the protracted negotiation saga he endured between Arsenal and his former club, Zenit, he would have had a greater chance at success because he would have had time to get acquainted with the players and life in London.

Also, the transfer prices are higher in January than in the summer since there is a greater demand and fewer quality players available. This may have an impact on transfer funds available in the summer, when players may come cheaper.

Another factor is that if a player comes from a team that is already playing in a European tournament, then that new player is ineligible to play in any of the European games for his new team.

While I listed the negatives about players being acquired in the January window, I don't want anyone to think that I'm satisfied with Arsenal's status quo. There definitely needs to be depth added to the squad, but the transfer chatter has no upside. It is important to show that the new players won't be able to drastically change a team the way fans hope for.

Besides, aren't the actual games the best part about following Arsenal? Sometimes I feel that fans enjoy the chatter more.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about all the gossip and speculation, and whether it has an impact on the team.