Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly, Bill O'Brien and Mike McCoy Not Needed

Bleacher ReportContributor IJanuary 2, 2013

Jeffrey Lurie knows he has a massive decision on his hands.
Jeffrey Lurie knows he has a massive decision on his hands.Al Bello/Getty Images

There's a lot of uncertainty in the city of brotherly love right now. The Flyers are locked out, the Phillies are not getting any younger and the Sixers are still clamoring for attention in a city obsessed with their football team. But the most uncertainty revolves around who will be the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Andy Reid is out after 14 seasons. His successor is unknown, but the rumors are flying. Chip Kelly was an early front-runner, but his rise to fame came by way of the collegiate ranks. Now there's talk of Jeffrey Lurie going after Bill O'Brien, current coach at Penn State who led the Nittany Lions to a respectable 8-4 season. But wait, don't forget about Mike McCoy, the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos.

And while these coaches boast impressive resumes, none of them should be the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelly has lit up Pac-12 teams with a creative spread offense built on speed. His Oregon Ducks have put up astounding offensive numbers, and he's done it with style. But his creativity won't translate easily—if at all—in the NFL. If Kelly gets the job, it will be a highly suspect move, borderline gimmicky.

O'Brien left his position as offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots to take over the embattled Penn State program after it was almost decimated by NCAA sanctions. O'Brien managed to pull together eight wins, but the Big Ten was horrific this year.

O'Brien's success with the Patriots was admirable as well, but he was coordinating Tom Brady, a proven mastermind in the NFL. I think what O'Brien did at Penn State was an incredible thing, but he won't have Brady under center in Philly, and he won't have much time to revamp a team that grossly underperformed in 2012.



As for McCoy, he's another offensive mind whose taken most of the credit for Denver's playoff run in 2011 after Tim Tebow pulled off miracle after miracle. What was lost in Denver's success that year was their defense. They were the only reason Tebow even had the opportunity to pull off his heroics in the fourth quarter. McCoy might be a successful head coach one day, but he's just not what the Eagles need right now.

The Eagles need to stop going for the big play and revert back to the basics. They need to build an offensive line that can actually protect the quarterback. The defense was a disgrace, and while DeMeco Ryans filled a huge need at middle linebacker, they still ranked 22nd overall in rush defense.

Kelly, O'Brien and McCoy have one thing in common: They have zero head coaching experience in the NFL. And while they might make excellent head coaches in the NFL one day, hiring any of these guys would just bring more uncertainty to an organization desperate to raise the Lombardi trophy. 

The Eagles need a coach with a proven track record and the ability to surround himself with coordinators who understand the NFL game. I am not suggesting a particular man for the job, but the Eagles need to take their time with this one.