Kevin McHale Baffled as Greg Smith Earns 3-Second Violation Tying Shoes

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIJanuary 3, 2013

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Sometimes, you just lose sight of what you're doing and where you are.

During the Houston Rockets' 104-92 victory over the New Orleans Hornets, Greg Smith pulled out a "not top-play contender." He also ruined head coach Kevin McHale's evening.

With 7:28 remaining in the second quarter, the Rockets prepared to set up their half-court set. As they were doing so, a whistle blew, and Smith was whistled for a three-in-the-key.

The reason he spent three seconds in the paint was simple—illogical, but still simple.

Smith was tying his shoe.

As pictured above, Kevin McHale's response was priceless.

The following bland evaluation of the play is about the only way to describe it. After all, how do you explain to your coach that you lost a possession because your shoe was untied?

Or, you didn't know where you were on the floor?


They just called a three second violation on Greg Smith for tying his shoes in the lane.

— Patrick Harrel (@PatrickHarrel) January 3, 2013


Not the most memorable moment, unless you were looking for a laugh, that is.

Then, this would count as a few bucks in the memory bank.

Fortunately for Smith, the Rockets were able to pull out the victory and move to 18-14 on the season. They're now 13-6 at home and have won nine of their past 12 games.

In all likelihood, that's going to be spoken about more than Smith's shoelace incident—or so he hopes.

The wrath of Kevin McHale is upon him.