WWE: Unreal Feats of Strength by Antonio Cesaro Make the Sky the Limit

Jersey Strong Jay@@PWPowerhouseCorrespondent IIJanuary 3, 2013

photo courtesy: WWE.com
photo courtesy: WWE.com

There is a misconception when it comes to professional wrestlers who have an undeniable amount of strength. While a majority of the fans on the Internet tend to gravitate towards wrestlers with overwhelming technical ability, Antonio Cesaro is someone who has both major attributes. 

As Claudio Castagnoli for years on the independent wrestling scene, Cesaro wowed wrestling fans all over the world with his unbelievable feats of strength that have never been seen before.

During a wrestling match in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH, he was able to lift the giant, 300+ pound Takeshi Morishima onto his shoulders in a modified torture rack and spin around in circles without hands! While the spin took place, Morishima was thrown to the mat off of Castagnoli's shoulders! 

Cesaro has yet to use this move in a WWE ring yet, but it is called the UFO.

He is also one of the few performers that didn't have to rely on just that. He could go out there and have an amazing catch-as-catch-can classic with guys like Daniel Bryan and Colt Cabana.

During his stint in Ring of Honor, he was put in multiple positions to excel and show off his technical ability. At ROH Northern Navigation 2008, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan had a mid-card masterpiece that often falls under the radar. 

These two showed off amazing technical ability and were able to entertain the Canadian crowd with their overall showmanship. 

Since his debut in WWE during the middle of 2012, Antonio Cesaro has made strides throughout the mid-card by becoming one of the longest reigning United States Champions in recent memory and defending that championship against all comers. 

The feats of strength shown by Cesaro include him using the Neutralizer on large WWE superstars including Brodus Clay and most recently, The Great Khali. 

With WrestleMania 29 around the corner, there has to be a thought on whether or not one of these amazing feats of strength will be showcased on this huge stage. 

When looking at high-profile feats of strength of years past, WrestleMania has showcased a few major moments including Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre The Giant and John Cena picking up both The Big Show and Edge to deliver the Attitude Adjustment. 

While I maintain my stance that WrestleMania 29 will feature an amazing feat of strength by Ryback delivering a Shell Shock to The Big Show, there is no doubt in my mind that the sky is the limit for Antonio Cesaro and the amazing power that he possesses.

Antonio Cesaro has had an ideal push that many believe is the recipe for success in WWE. Even though some people may find him boring, he has only began to show off his skills on the WWE roster. 

The bottom line is: the future is bright and the sky is the absolute limit for Antonio Cesaro.

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