Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Playoff Preview

Ralph Longo@ IIIJanuary 3, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 30: Greg Jennings #85 of the Green Bay Packers is congratulated by Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers after the pair scored a touchdown during a game against the Minnesota Vikings on December 30, 2012 at Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Packers 37-34. (Photo by Andy Clayton King/Getty Images)
Andy King/Getty Images

On Saturday Night, the Green Bay Packers will take on the Minnesota Vikings to see who will move on to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. This is a rare playoff matchup in which we'll be seeing a rematch of these two teams who played in Week 17. 

Will the Packers rebound off of their tough loss to the Vikings and move on in the playoffs? Or will the Vikings repeat their success and pull off the upset? 

In last week's game, Adrian Peterson was able to run all over the Packers, just as he did in their other meeting earlier this year where he rushed for 210 yards. At this point it's wishful thinking to believe that the Packers have a chance to stop him, their defense just isn't capable of corralling such a great RB. 

Conventional wisdom would be that the Packers high octane offense will be able to simply outscore the Vikings, but they put up 34 points last week and still lost. Aaron Rodgers was totally on his game passing for four touchdowns, and they still couldn't get it done (Per ESPN)

This is very worrisome for Packers fans. Everyone knows that Green Bay's defense isn't great, but if they're going to win, all they need to be able to do is shut down Christian Ponder.

Yes, Peterson is a terrific player and is going to likely have a big game, but he's not going to score the five touchdowns that the Vikings will need to win this game on his own. 

In Week 17, Ponder had his best game of the year, passing for three scores for the only time this season (Per ESPN). If the Packers can shut him down and make him look like the mediocre player that he is, they'll win this football game with little problem. 

I say that they will. The Vikings put on a very impressive performance last week, but it's unlikely they'll do it two weeks in a row. Ponder's going to turn the ball over this week, and he's not going to play at that high of a level two weeks in a row.

And as long as Aaron Rodgers is on his game, the Pack should be just fine. 

Final Score: Packers win 34-24.