Paulina Gretzky Dishes Hopes, Dreams and Jarret Stoll in Fashion Magazine

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 3, 2013

Photo Credit: Flare Magazine
Photo Credit: Flare Magazine

The Great One's daughter once saw herself as an Avirl Lavigne but now kind of wants to be more of a Gwen Stefani. These facts and so much more await you Paulina Gretzky fans in the next issue of Flare Magazine

SportsGrid spotted a wonderful interview in a recent issue of the Canadian fashion magazine with the daughter of arguably the greatest of all time, Wayne Gretzky. 

The young lady who has made a name for herself by posting sexy Instagram and Twitter pictures is moving ever slowly to the big time. 

Judging by some of her answers, she has some lofty goals to accomplish. 

When I was 16, I thought, I want to be like Avril. That was my thing. But I grew up. And there’s a sexy vibe that I want to bring to the table, too. Then I figured out I want to be like Gwen Stefani. She’s so cool. She has everything going on. I want to do a clothing line, too, and she has a fashion line. She’s sexy but it’s not too much. It’s just perfect. And she’s changed over time.

She goes on to remind everyone that the rumors her dad forced her off Twitter after some scandalous pictures were posted are false, and then took care of those Jarret Stoll rumors as well. 

Jarret Stoll (of the Los Angeles Kings) and I are not dating. We just met through mutual friends during the playoffs…but we’re not dating. Everyone can know this now! I pick the wrong guys, so I’m waiting for the right guy to come pick me.

It's a rumor that sprouted legs and began running all around the Internet after this Busted Coverage report, one that Gretzky is now saying was much ado about little. 

While Erin Andrews may have scooped that portion of the interview—and Stoll—Lady Gretzky makes her way to her film career next. 

The dream right now is to be in the entertainment industry. My huge, huge thing right now is my music. That’s my centre, that’s my core. I just did Adam Sandler’s movie, Grown Ups II. My part is very small, but there’s a great little cast around me: Taylor Lautner, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Alex Ludwig from the Hunger Games. There were a bunch of people my age, and we were funny fraternity/sorority people.

Prepare to be entertained, world. 

Gretzky is moving her base of operations from Twitter to the music and film industry, and there is very little to stop her. 

In time, we will have some grand amalgamation of Gwen Stefani with acting chops, and it will be something to behold. 

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