CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler Is an Inevitable Future Rivalry

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2013

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CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler are inevitably future rivals, destined to clash as one man tries to stay on top and the other climbs his way there.

Punk and Ziggler’s paths seem destined to cross, as both men are on top of their games. At some point the two will have to meet to decide who is the better man.

With episodes of Raw officially "SuperShows," the brand extension is unofficially done.

Even now, with two major titles to pursue, one belt—and one wrestler—is consider No. 1, and the other No. 2.

For Punk, as the self-proclaimed best in the world, that is just fine. As notes, he considers himself to be one of the most iconic superstars in wrestling history.

He’s certainly one of the most decorated. He’s won every men’s title now offered in the WWE except for the United States championship. Between the WWE, world and ECW titles, he’s racked up six world-title reigns. 

For Ziggler, who is still trying to break through the final rungs of the WWE ladder, being considered No. 2 shouldn’t sit well.

Since coming to the WWE, he has slowly been on the rise. The former amateur wrestler for Kent State University dominated early feuds with Rey Mysterio and John Morrison. He followed that up with an intercontinental-title reign, courtesy of Kofi Kingston. 

Ziggler got a taste of the big time in his feud with Edge in 2011, when he was world champion for 12 minutes. Six months as United States champion came next, and now he’s Mr. Money in the Bank.

He’s been right there for so long it’s hard to imagine he’s not frustrated. As states, Ziggler knows he good and there seems to be no limit to his talent.

So what happens if Ziggler cashes in and wins the world heavyweight title but is still considered second best to Punk, who may not even be champion after the Royal Rumble?

It’s hard to imagine that Ziggler would just sit back and take it. As for Punk, how would he react if Ziggler were to disrespect him by thumbing his nose at Punk’s accomplishments?

Just like two alpha-male bears that fight for dominance, neither Punk nor Ziggler would be happy being second best.

The two men have already met in matches, most notably for the WWE championship at the 2012 Royal Rumble and the following month in the Elimination Chamber match.

Punk won both of those encounters.

Obviously the WWE is not going to put together two of its biggest heels in a feud. One man will have to turn face.

The most obvious choice would be Ziggler. The Showoff has been a tweener for quite sometime, even if he is negative to the crowd. His willingness to sell any move from any opponent makes him a joy to watch.

Witness the crowd reaction on Raw after TLC.

When Ziggler came down to cash in his briefcase on the Big Show, the fans went nuts. They were equally vocal when Cena stopped him, bombarding the arena in a chorus of boos.

Ziggler is the guy says the WWE universe loves to see in action.

Even if Punk loses to The Rock at the Rumble, he’s going to stay at the top of the WWE. If Ziggler wants to get there and stay there, he’s going to have to knock the Straight Edge Superstar off his pedestal.

It’s only a matter of time before these two clash.