Fiesta Bowl Video: Breaking Down How Oregon Scored Bizarre 1-Point Safety

Tim KeeneyContributor IJanuary 3, 2013

Today I learned that a "one-point safety" is actually a real thing. 

Seriously. Just check out the video above (h/t The Big Lead). 

After Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota took a two-yard run into the end zone to put the Ducks up 31-10 over Kansas State in Thursday night's Fiesta Bowl, the teams lined up for the extra point.

And it was time for things to get weird. 

Kansas State broke through the line and blocked the PAT. The ball came down around the 2-yard line, where the Wildcats picked it up and desperately tried to make something happen.

Maybe a little too desperately.

The 'Cats ran backwards into the end zone, where Oregon proceeded to make the tackle. 

After a few minutes of confusion, the referees determined that the Ducks would be rewarded with the classic "one-point safety."

That's pretty much the way this game was going for Oregon: get the PAT blocked, still get the point.

In case you were wondering, this has actually happened before (via the Fiesta Bowl's official Twitter account):

To those wondering: there have only been four 1-point safeties in NCAA history. So that was rare.

— Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (@FiestaBowl) January 4, 2013

Also, in case you wondering, this is how it looks in the ESPN play-by-play: "TEAM SAFETY good for EXTRA POINT.

I don't know about you, but I'm never going to forget where I was on the day the one-point safety happened.