Kubrat Pulev, the Man with the Best Shot to Defeat a Klitschko

Ralph Longo@https://twitter.com/RalphLongoAnalyst IIIMarch 22, 2017

If you haven't heard of Kubrat Pulev, he's a 6'4" 250 pound Bulgarian heavyweight who has the best chance out of anyone right now to beat one of the Klitschko brothers. He went 3-0 with 3 KO's in his 2012 campaign, and is poised for a title shot in 2013. 

So, why does Pulev look like he may have what it takes to finally dethrone one of the Ukranian brothers? 

First, the way he fights. Pulev is fearless and stands at mid-range from his opponents, peppering them with a lightening quick, powerful jab. He's a very athletic fighter than uses good movement to avoid incoming fire.

He's almost like a poor man's version of Floyd Mayweather at heavyweight, given how he uses his upper body to make opponents miss. Very few fighters have the raw athleticism to fight in the manner, which is something that could trouble either Klitschko brother. 

But just the new look he'll give them isn't all that he has to offer. Pulev's extremely calm in the ring and isn't easily discouraged. He believes in his ability and won't make a lot of mistakes for the Klitschko's to take advantage of.

Pulev is just such a well polished fighter that he won't be outclassed in the ring by anyone. He presents a difficult style matchup, and if he's able to stay in the pocket, is going to be hard to beat for anyone in the heavyweight division. 

He's beaten two opponents in a row who are over 6'7", so he isn't intimidated by larger competition. His one-two combo could really make it difficult for Wladimir or Vitali to control him with their jabs if Pulev is able to get off first and avoid most of their initial shots. 

Pulev would by no means be the favorite against a Klitschko, but he's got a shot to pull off the upset. Hopefully, we'll see him fight one of them, more likely Wladimir, in 2013.