WWE Should Open a WCW Wing of the Hall of Fame

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIJanuary 5, 2013

Image Obtained From WWE.com
Image Obtained From WWE.com

It is almost unthinkable that World Championship Wrestling has been gone for more than a decade and that the number of fans who experienced the Monday Night Wars firsthand is steadily dwindling, but that is the burden of time moving on. 

Now the great southern wrestling company is a distant memory. Its exploits are relegated to clips and special DVD compilations remembering what used to be. 

WCW has become a footnote in the history of WWE and can be seen as Vince McMahon’s ultimate victory.  

As time passes, though, the importance of the Monday Night Wars diminishes. The whole notion of what that victory meant is at risk of being forgotten by younger fans.

The WWE must start reminding older fans—and educating new ones—as to what the battle between itself and Ted Turner was about and why the whole engagement was so important to professional wrestling as a whole. 

A great way to refresh people’s memory and also celebrate the achievements of WCW would be to open up a specific wing—therefore also making time for an annual inductee—in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The WWE already inducts wrestlers and factions from outside the company into the Hall of Fame, but opening up a specific space—both metaphorically and physically—dedicated to WCW would add emphasis to how important the other company was to the development of WWE as it stands today. 

Such a move would also serve as a yearly reminder of the clashes WWE and WCW had, which will be increasingly important as time moves on and fewer fans remember.

There are many deserving candidates who could be honored by being inducted into the first class of a WCW wing of the Hall of Fame.

Superstars of the Monday Night Wars, such as Sting, Kevin Nash and Booker T, could all be included, and so could older veterans of the Jim Crockett era, such as Magnum T.A. These are names and faces that nearly took the WWE out of business, and they need to be lauded because they forced the WWE to step its game up like never before.

Those who have already been inducted to the Hall of Fame, such as Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair, could always be transferred quietly into the new wing at a later date. This could even provide another opportunity to celebrate these legendary competitors once more on national television. 

More than anything else, a WCW wing of the WWE Hall of Fame would provide wrestling fans as a whole with somewhere—both metaphorically and hopefully one day physically—to celebrate all their heroes in one place. 

It would form a final point of unification where the best of wrestling is in one place, and a final victory for McMahon who can classify this whole other history as part of his and his company’s bigger picture. 

The WCW wing of the WWE Hall of Fame is something that should definitely happen sooner rather than later.