John Cena Wants The Rock at Wrestlemania 26: Smart Move or Career Suicide?

D ReynoldsCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2009

ORANGE, CA - MAY 08:  Wrestler John Cena arrives at the Lions Gate Premiere of 'See No Evil' at the Century Stadium Promenade 25 on May 8, 2006 in Orange, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Just recently on MTV, John Cena stated that he wanted to wrestle The Great One at Wrestlemania 26. It kind of shocked me the way Cena went about it.

He somewhat showed respect for the guy as he told MTV's Josh Horowitz that he understands that the Rock isn't ducking him and he knows that Dwayne Johnson is busy in Hollywood.

For a while now, John Cena has been trying to get in The Rock's head, saying that The Rock has turned his back on wrestling and that he doesn't give anything back.

The honest truth is, yes, The Rock did turn his back on wrestling.  Stone Cold has even said that the guy has gone Hollywood. The Rock shows up for the show and acts like he hasn't been friends with Stone Cold for years. He treats him like a mere acquaintance.

John Cena's anger is coming from his frustration in trying to win over the fans. He feels that he has done as much as The Rock did during his tenure in wrestling. Although John Cena says otherwise, subconsciously he wants it to be over with the fans. He feels that he is "The Rock" of this age.

Now let's say that The Rock does accept Cena's challenge for WrestleMania 26. We all know how exceptional The Great One's Mic skills are. In comparison to Cena's, The Rock would absolutely destroy him on the mic. The Glendale (Mania 26's location) crowd will be Pro-Rock for sure. It's almost a lose-lose for Cena.

Wrestling skill? Hands down, this goes to The Rock. He can put on an entertaining match with anyone.

We all know Hulk Hogan's move list, but how great was his match with The Rock? The Rock can make anyone look good.

The only way I see John Cena getting something from this match at all is if he is turned heel before or at that year's Royal Rumble. Bring back some of his freestyles and have The Rock answer an open challenge from Cena. This way Cena is booed and that's the way it's supposed to be.

Career suicide if he goes in as a face. Smart move if he turns heel.