Alquadin Muhammad Snubs Notre Dame and Alabama: 4-Star DE Right to Pick Miami?

Scott Carasik@ScottCarasikContributor IIJanuary 5, 2013

Alquadin Muhammad selected to play his college football at Miami snubbing Alabama and Notre Dame on the way. The 6'3" 230-pound defensive end was a highly-recruited player who finally decided that Miami was the team for him.

Muhammad is a 4-star defensive end out of Ramsey, NJ's Don Bosco Prep. His talent was seen nationally long before today's US Army All-American Bowl, as he was one of the most highly touted defensive linemen in the country. He was recruited by everyone and their brother, but decided to go with the underdog of Miami.

Miami has plenty of advantages when it comes to recruiting big-name prospects. It's right by the beach, has an excellent academic profile and the school is in a tremendous party area. It'd be hard to say that none of these factors influenced Muhammad's decision.

Another factor they may have helped sway Muhammad toward Miami is their defensive scheme and the role he may have in it. They run a more traditional 4-3 under head coach Al Golden. He also doesn't have to worry about beating out veterans who are entrenched in starting spots. 


It's Not About Snubbing Notre Dame or Alabama

While the argument that Muhammad snubbed Notre Dame or Alabama is relevant, that was not his intention when he selected Miami.

Muhammad was simply picking the right team for him. Sometimes, that happens to be a team other than one of the two playing in the BCS National Championship Game.

Miami had the best combination of coaching, scheme and surrounding talent for him to feel like he was heading into the proper situation for his college career.

While this may feel like a slap in the face to Alabama and Notre Dame right now, they have to realize that Alquadin Muhammad had to do what was best and most sensible for him.


Picking Miami is an Endorsement of Al Golden's Leadership

Miami is trying to weather the storm from yet-to-be-imposed sanctions for possible NCAA violations the program has committed under Golden's predecessors. So, in getting a top recruit like Muhammad, the X-factor has to be the Hurricanes' head coach.

Golden is known to be genuine in his decisions and a coach who gets the best out of his players. When a player is looking for someone to enhance his image, Al Golden is the man they should look to.

So it should be no shock that Alquadin Muhammad chose to go with the Hurricanes despite being courted by the two best college football teams in the country. Miami is a program on the rise and he will only contribute to an already great-program by joining them.


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