Liverpool: Repeat Cheat Luis Suarez Deserves Ban for Flagrant FA Cup Handball

Phil KeidelContributor IIJanuary 6, 2013

Luis Suarez continues to play a different game than everyone else, in that he can use his hands at will.
Luis Suarez continues to play a different game than everyone else, in that he can use his hands at will.Clive Mason/Getty Images

Luis Suarez will never learn that cheating does not pay if every time he cheats, he gets away with it and his side prospers.

Suarez' flagrant, plain-as-day handball of the rebound of his own shot in the second half of Liverpool's third-round FA Cup tie with Mansfield Town led instantly to Liverpool's second goal. That goal was ultimately the match-winner.

Chris Paul could not have dribbled the rebound more proficiently.

So yes, Liverpool "won" the match 2-1, but Suarez' recidivist chicanery should earn him at least a one-match suspension.

Just taking Suarez' most recent handball as a standalone incident, it would be worthy of significant discipline.

But of course, Suarez is no angel, as per the Daily Mail: "The Liverpool striker has a history of being involved in controversial incidents, including a reputation for diving, a ban for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra and another for biting an opponent when with Ajax."

Somehow, the Daily Mail neglected to include in that litany of disgrace Suarez' intentional handball off the line for Uruguay against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinals.

Maybe Luis Suarez is a great player, maybe not. But other than maybe Diego Maradona, no player is better using his hands illegally and getting away with it.

Probably the most incredible response to Suarez' underhanded (actually, overhanded) tactic was from Mansfield Town's boss Paul Cox. Asked whether Suarez' handball action was intentional, he answered with class and grace.

Per the Daily Mail, Cox told ESPN: 'I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt and say it was a reaction, he's a goalscorer and I think goalscorers put the ball in the net anyway. If it had gone in the other end and one of our players had done it I think we'd have accepted it."

That is an incredible display of sportsmanship on what had to be a gutting result for Cox, his side and its fans.

One wonders if the "Magic of the FA Cup—Liverpool" DVD will need some updating after today's sleight of hand from Suarez.

On second thought, perhaps as with so many of Suarez' shoddy choices, Liverpool fans will as ever turn a blind eye and take the win.

Will Suarez be suspended for this most recent blotch on his reputation? Probably not.