Richard Sherman and Trent Williams Get into Altercation Following Playoff Game

Chris HummerAnalyst IJanuary 6, 2013

It seems as if the Washington Redskins did not take their loss to the Seattle Seahawks very well.

Following Seattle’s 24-14 victory over Washington in the final Wild Card game, Washington offensive tackle Trent Williams pushed Seattle corner Richard Sherman in the face.

The incident took place during the Seahawks' post-game celebration in the middle of the field.

Sherman and Williams jawed back and forth in the jumbled mass of players and cameras that happens after each NFL game. However, when Sherman got a little too close for Williams liking, he decided to move Sherman out of his space.

Williams threw an aggressive forearm to Sherman's face and knocked him back into the people behind him.

To his credit, Sherman did not retaliate. He was more than content to soak the victory in and just wave goodbye to the Redskins.

The postgame incident is not a good look for Washington, who only accomplished to come across as sore losers after their late-game defeat as a result of Williams' actions.

Perhaps Williams had a rough day with the combination of the loss and the injury of Robert Griffin III, but that’s still not an excuse to swing at an opponent.

Williams is sure to earn a fine from the NFL following the incident.

For Sherman, the win, and even the shove, had to taste sweet. Sherman wasn't even supposed to play this week, but he managed to win his appeal in his drug suspension case.

So, he's probably OK taking a hit. After all, it has been a pretty good week for him and his team.