Robert Allenby Will Never Play Australian Open Again

Aussie GolferContributor IMarch 29, 2009
Robert Allenby has slammed professional golf in Australia, vowing never to play the Australian Open again after the bad treatment he's received over the 20 years of playing there.

We can't say we didn't see this coming, as he hinted at this when he finished the final round of the Australian Open late last year. He has a point, too, but it's a pity the large majority of the Australian golf public who love seeing him play each year have to pay for some stupid drunks and stupid golf administration.

Allenby explained his reasoning in a recent interview:

"Obviously, I broke down on 15 green at the (Australian) Masters. My mum came out and I knew how sick she was. I broke down, I lost it, because I knew she wasn't going to be there for much longer.

"What they said in Sydney ruined me forever. These drunks yelling, 'That's all right, mate, your mummy's not here now, you don't have to cry'.

"That was 20 years straight of the Australian Open and I thought, that's it. I'm not ever playing another Australian Open again, and I'm not playing in Sydney again.

He played 20 years straight at the Australian Open last year ,and the way we found out was from him. After the event.
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