Demarcus Robinson Reportedly Enrolls at Florida: Did 4-Star WR Make Right Pick?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 7, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

It appears as if the Demarcus Robinson recruiting saga is finally over.

Robinson has had one of the more interesting recruitments of the 2013 cycle—if not the most interesting. However, according to Derek Tyson of (via Twitter), Robinson's recruitment is complete.

WR Demarcus Robinson just text me and told me he is enrolling at Florida. #Gators #Clemson

— Derek Tyson (@DerekTysonESPN) January 7, 2013

Robinson also took to his Twitter to announce the news:

#Gatornation here I come !

— Demarcus Robinson (@demarcus11robin) January 7, 2013

He went on to say that he couldn't wait to arrive on campus, per his Twitter account:

I love my gators can't wait to arrive on campus!

— Demarcus Robinson (@demarcus11robin) January 7, 2013

For all intents and purposes, this looks to be the real deal—finally.

Robinson was once a Clemson commitment, but then he flipped to Florida. He later flipped back to Clemson, but recently opened up his commitment one final time and it looks like Florida will be his final stop.

It was a wild recruiting ride, but it looks like we can call this a lock for Florida. With that being said, I'm sure many fans would like to see him in a jersey before they get comfortable with this commitment.

The question is, did Robinson make the right decision?

From a personal standpoint, that's a question that only he can answer, so I'm not going to try to approach it from that angle.

We can look at it from a football perspective, though, and from that point of view it's very hard to disagree with the 4-star wideout choosing Florida.

The Gators have an extremely bright future with Will Muschamp as head coach and much of that is going to be because of recruiting.

His 2013 class is ranked No. 3 overall by and is arguably the best defensive class in the nation. Florida's defense is going to be very good in the next few years, and that will naturally help players like Robinson on offense.

Robinson has a ton of potential as a receiver—he's the No. 12 ranked wideout in the 2013 class, according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings—so he'll eventually end up being a big-time receiver prospect for the Gators.

While playing in Clemson's spread offense would certainly be appealing, the main difference between the two programs is that Florida has a legitimate shot to be a BCS Championship contender in the next few seasons. Meanwhile, Clemson is going to have to fight to win the ACC on a yearly basis.

Robinson essentially picked a program where he could win and have a chance of contributing over the program where he could put up a ton of numbers, but not have a great chance at a national championship.

Overall, you can't knock a player for wanting to play on a championship-caliber team, and that's exactly what Robinson will be getting with the Florida Gators.

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