Robert Nkemdiche to Only Visit LSU, Ole Miss: Is Alabama out of the Race?

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 7, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Robert Nkemdiche will reportedly only visit two schools to end out his recruitiing process: Ole Miss and LSU.

These two programs have been Nkemdiche's favorites for a while now, but there's been speculation that he could end up at another school. The No. 1 overall recruit has expressed in the past that he would be open to "falling in love" with other schools on visits, and for a while, it looked like he would take all of his official visits.

Schools like Oregon, Clemson, Georgia and even Alabama had to feel like they at least had a shot to make a pitch to Nkemdiche if they could get a visit.

That hope is no more though, according to Michael Carvell of

What’s next for the nation’s undisputed No. 1 prospect? The final stretch of recruiting. This week, he will decide on dates for official visits to his two finalists, Ole Miss and LSU.

That’s not really anything new. What is new is that Nkemdiche said he’s eliminated the possibility of visiting other schools, including Clemson (where he was formerly committed to), Florida, USC, Oregon, etc.

At least that’s the plan at the moment.

“Yes sir, that’s it; it’s just Ole Miss and LSU,” Nkemdiche said. “I don’t want to get it all mixed up with other schools in there. I will figure out when I will visit them when I get home.”

This seems to be the end of the road for any program not named LSU or Ole Miss in regards to Nkemdiche's recruitment.

The Crimson Tide have long been seen as the most interesting outlier team for Nkemdiche, considering the elite nature of the program, the elite status of head coach Nick Saban and the fact that Nkemdiche's mother has been open about Alabama being her No. 1 team.

If there was a program that could make a late push for Nkemdiche's commitment and at least challenge LSU and Ole Miss, it would have been Alabama, where Nkemdiche would have had the chance to join an elite defensive group. 

He's a defensive end, but he would be the perfect candidate to play and thrive as a "Jack" outside linebacker in Alabama's 3-4 scheme. He would be able to use his speed and strength to rush the passer, but he also has the athleticism to make plays in the open field. 

With the talent around present and the school's championship pedigree, Alabama seemed like a great option for Nkemdiche, but with this latest report from Carvell, it looks like the Crimson Tide are off the table for good.

This recruiting race will come down to Ole Miss and LSU, and both programs have to feel good about their chances. Ole Miss is a very hot program with a solid 2013 recruiting class, and Nkemdiche has family ties to the school that have many considering the Rebels as the favorite to land his commitment.

LSU, on the other hand, is an SEC powerhouse known for aggressive, dominant defense, and the Tigers have produced a number of high-profile defensive linemen in the past few years.

It's really a win-win for Nkemdiche, as his talent will translate to either program. Still, these final visits are integral for LSU and Ole Miss in regards to landing Nkemdiche's commitment.

Alabama was that one interesting option still out there on the table, but it's safe to say that the Crimson Tide are now firmly out of the race for the No. 1 overall recruit.


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