Arsenal Transfer News: David Villa Is Not the Answer for Gunners

Chris Stephens@@chris_stephens6Correspondent IIJanuary 7, 2013

David Villa is not right for Arsenal at this time.
David Villa is not right for Arsenal at this time.David Ramos/Getty Images

Despite the rumors and the fans wanting the move to be made, David Villa is not the answer for Arsenal.

According to Ben Adam of, the Gunners are looking to acquire the Barcelona striker.

But is it really the best move for the Gunners, or is it just a knee-jerk reaction to sixth place in the Premier League?

There's no doubting Villa's talent. Still, there are multiple concerns about him being the saving grace for Arsenal.

The biggest concern has to be his health.

After sitting on the sidelines for eight months after breaking his tibia, Villa was able to return to the pitch in August, but he has been a shade of his former self.

Since his return, Villa has scored five goals and had one assist in 13 La Liga games.

Watching him in games, he doesn't look the same. Of course, you wouldn't be either if you broke your tibia.

The tibia allows for running and jumping, and it has a lot to do with kicking the ball. Even though he's fully healed, Villa no doubt has some apprehensions.

Those "minor" apprehensions on the field are noticeable and can end up hurting team more than helping it.

Luckily for Villa and Barcelona, Lionel Messi can take care of most of the scoring.

For Villa to come to a team where he would be the main focal point would be a mistake because of the injury. Had it happened a few years ago, there would be no issue.

But if Arsene Wenger is trying to win now and get into the top four of the EPL, Villa can't be the answer. Having a go-to player coming off that kind of injury is only setting your team up for failure.

Arsenal has had its struggles this year, with a 1-1 tie to Southhampton (17th in standings) recently and less-than-impressive performances against Wigan Athletic and Bradford City. However, improvement comes from players who can actually do the job and not just a big name.

Coming off his type of injury, Villa is just a big name. Give him more time and he might become the player he once was.

Until then, Wenger should focus on a player like Fernando Llorente.

He can provide more at this moment than Villa.


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