Dolph Ziggler's Character Will Lose Focus Thanks to AJ Lee

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 8, 2013

photo by PatLoika via Flickr
photo by PatLoika via Flickr

Dolph Ziggler’s New Year began with the self-proclaimed Show Stealer finally parting ways with Vickie Guerrero in favor of AJ Lee, the crazy Diva. As fans know, AJ is the zany Diva who turned on John Cena at TLC and joined forces with Ziggler. The new duo also recruited Big E Langston, the current NXT champion, to their side.

The short-term future for both careers is bright. The future from a long-term perspective will lead to one ultimate problem: Ziggler’s character will lose focus thanks to AJ.

AJ Lee, the center of attention ever since her breakup with Daniel Bryan, had a breakout year in 2012.  This Diva turned crazy and stole the show from many wrestlers. In fact, she was the focus leading up to two WWE title defenses at No Way Out and Money in the Bank.

AJ Lee overshadowed CM Punk, Bryan and Kane—three of the biggest and most respected names in the WWE today. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish for a Diva, let alone a Superstar.

AJ’s time as the Raw general manager also played a key role in the SummerSlam Triple Threat match featuring Punk, Cena and Big Show for the WWE title. She stalled the match, only to restart it, which took up too much time and drove the focus away from the title bout.

AJ was still the focus, just as much as Cena, in her much-maligned “affair” storyline. Her momentum was still strong after her heel turn and allegiance with Ziggler.

It’s good for her because there aren’t many Divas relevant in today’s landscape. It will be bad for Ziggler, however.

There’s nothing wrong with transitioning from one valet/manager to the next. However, Ziggler doesn’t need be affiliated with this crazy Diva.

Ziggler doesn’t need the rub as much as one would think. He’s won matches by himself during 2012. He became Mr. Money in the Bank and also ended Chris Jericho’s career without help, all by himself.

Ziggler proved he could handle himself. Why should he join forces with someone who, ironically, steals the show from him?

Ziggler and AJ have been doomed to fail from the start, although it won’t crash right away. Both are amazing talents who get mileage in their circle, and if they add another wrestler to their ranks, Ziggler could rule the WWE.

Just don’t expect the same brash Show Stealer to show up every night with his usual persona. When wrestlers team up, personalities change.

Take a look at Punk and Bryan, whose characters changed when Punk formed the Straight-Edge Society and when Bryan became a Tag Team champion with Kane. They’re not the same as they were before. Granted, these changes benefitted them. Ziggler’s eventual tweaking may not.

Dolph Ziggler and AJ can survive without each other. Uniting their talents can accomplish more within the WWE and make 2013 their year! That’s if all things go according to plan, however.

Here’s hoping Ziggler won’t lose focus on his goals thanks to AJ Lee.