John Cena vs. The Rock 2 Will Happen

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Once their WrestleMania 28 match was over, it was clear that the Rock and John Cena would need to face off again sometime in the future.

The buildup alone was great, and it was a huge part of 2011-2012 year.

Apart from the hype, though, how could the WWE let the face of its company lose, and never get another shot at the one who beat him?

John Cena vs. The Rock 2 will happen.

Their rematch is only a matter of time

With two top active wrestlers in the WWE, John Cena and CM Punk, the WWE surprisingly hasn't had Punk drop the belt to Cena yet, so what better way to make Cena champion then by using The Rock as a middle man?

Punk is feuding with The Rock at the moment, but will their feud continue to WrestleMania 29?

Or will John Cena once again go one on one with the Great One?

Cena vs. The Rock 2 will happen again; the question, though, is when and where?


Climbing Back to the Top

Cena is a top guy in the WWE.  When he lost to the Rock at last year's WrestleMania, it was a huge loss in a bad year for him.

He's struggled to regain a solid standing at the top after being thrown into weak storylines all year in 2012, except for his feud with Brock Lesnar.

Now, Cena is in a decent feud with Dolph Ziggler, but how long will it last?  Ziggler does have a Money in the Bank contract, and eventually he will use it to become the World Heavyweight champion, so where will that leave Cena?

Cena will eventually be placed back on top in the WWE.  He lost title shot after title shot last year, so if the WWE hopes to push him in a big way, what better way than to have him go one on one again with The Rock? 


Moving On

The Rock will one day step out of the ring for good.  With a busier schedule outside wrestling, he can only continue to come back for a handful of TV appearances for so long.

And while he is in a feud with CM Punk right now, there is no guarantee they will face at WrestleMania.

When the Rock does move on, he will more than likely be used as a middle man to help transfer the title to John Cena.

For some reason, the WWE doesn't seem willing to have CM Punk lose the title to Cena, so what better way to give the face of the company the title than by having Cena beat The Rock?

Of course he doesn't need the title to remain one of the top guys in the company, but sooner or later he is going to get the title back.

Using The Rock to pass the title to Cena when he's getting ready to leave the WWE again would be the smarter move.  Not only does it help keep Punk and Cena on the same level, but it could lead to a feud between the two after WrestleMania if Punk wanted to try and reclaim the championship again.

The Rock will move on, but before he does, don't be surprised if he steps in the ring with Cena one more time.


The Success

After the astounding success of their first match, a rematch seems inevitable.  It goes beyond their Wrestlemania 28 match, though, as the buildup for their brawl was a big reason Cena vs. The Rock was so successful.

Cena is even temporarily replacing Fred Flintstone on the cover of Fruity Pebbles all thanks to the original verbal assault The Rock started, where he referred to Cena looking like "a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles".

Their match at Wrestlemania 28 played a huge role in setting a pay-per-view record.  Of course there were other great matches on the card, like Triple H vs. the Undertaker, but the Rock vs. Cena headlined Wrestlemania 28, and helped set the new record.

After the major success of their first match, it's hard to imagine the WWE not taking advantage of Cena vs. The Rock once again.


Once In A Lifetime

The WWE advertised The Rock vs. John Cena as once in a lifetime.

It may have lied.

The WWE does what it wants, regardless of what it says, so if it feels as though a Cena vs. The Rock 2 would make another WrestleMania just as big as last year’s, then expect a rematch.

They could even get away with the whole once-in-a-lifetime idea by making their second match something different from the first.

How about a ladder or I quit match?

When it comes to Cena vs. The Rock 2, the once-in-a-lifetime argument seems to get used as a reason to never have these two rematch.

But why?

Wasn't there first match great? 

Who wouldn't want to see these two face off again, in a regular singles match or maybe something more next time?

The WWE may have labeled the first Cena vs. Rock match as once in a lifetime, but after all of the success of their first match, a rematch between John Cena and the Rock will happen.


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