Vikings 'Professional Surrenderer' Chris Kluwe Crushes It on the Colbert Report

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2013

Courtesy of The Colbert Report
Courtesy of The Colbert Report

Since he's a punter, I don't get to talk about Chris Kluwe nearly enough—though he has been mentioned on the NFC North blog more than a few times this year for non-football items.

Kluwe (who you can follow on Twitter here) was once again in the news for non-football reasons when he stepped onstage at The Colbert Report Tuesday night (click the link for video).

If you follow Kluwe on Twitter (or have heard him speak), you won't be surprised by how engaging and entertaining he is. Of course, Colbert's show isn't exactly Crossfire, so Kluwe had no problem slipping in more than a few yucks (the high points of which was calling himself a "Professional Surrenderer" and describing the forums at World of Warcraft as "cesspools of humanity").

However, he also continued to eloquently discuss and defend his stand on marriage equality, gun control and more, even if the interview was brief and lighthearted.


Agree or disagree with his views, you have to respect Kluwe taking a stand for what he believes in and being willing to defend his points—even in as silly a format as The Colbert Report.

In a league (and sports climate) which has become one, long, repetitive sound bite, a guy who will actually say something meaningful.

Even if he's doing it in between digs about punters and video games.


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