Superstar Billy Graham Mad at CM Punk; How Much of an Idiot Can You Be?

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

I'm all for respecting your elders and acknowledging those who paved the road before you―but Superstar Billy Graham needs to stay off social media where he can type like an idiot to the world.

On Raw, WWE Champion CM Punk made comments during his promo about his lengthy title reign. He talked about how if he was in Bruno Sammartino's era, he would have held it for 30 years. Punk went on to say how Sammartino wrestled once a month at Madison Square Garden and the schedule is much more demanding now for a champion like CM Punk.

WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham posted on Facebook his thoughts on Punk's comments.

I watch the last hour of WWE Raw last night. It was the worst excuse for a show I have ever seen! My agent Scott is tight with legendary World Champion Bruno Sammartino. Scott has told me that WWE has been calling Brunno regularly begging him to go into the Hall of Fame. Bruno has been polite but has always said no thank you.

Tonight on RAW for the last 45 minutes of the show all they did was have CM PUNK talk, talk and more talk! The killer line came when Vince had Punk putting over his 314 straight days as world champ and then said and I quote, ” you had people like Burno Sammartino , only wrestled in Madison Square Garden only wrestled one a month.”

This was by far the biggest put down of Bruno ever. Why would WWE have Punk say that about someone they have been begging to go into the Hall of Fame for untold years? When that teenager looking CM Punk made that statement he was also talking about me, Ivan Koloff, Stan Hanson etc. Find the re run and listen closely and answer me this my Facebook friends – How can they justify putting down a real icon like this, and not get called out on it?

 Any news sites can quote me on my statement below:

CM Punk, I have lost all respect for you for nor saying no to the writers of the WWE for saying Bruno Sammartino only wrestled once a month in Madison Square Garden. You talk about one of the greatest icons ever in pro wrestling like he was a JOBBER??? You should be ashamed of yourself for not having the self-dignity to say NO to the writers on that line. That line you delivered indicates that I am a big loser like Bruno as well and insults me as I wrestled in the same era as Bruno. This only confirms more that I want my name out of the WWE Hall of Fame.

How many monthly sell outs have you yourself drawn at Madison Square Garden? Not a PPV or the Raw TV show. Quit talking trash about Bruno. It’s an insult to him and all the wrestlers of his era including myself!

Hey Superstar―hook, line and sinker. It's an entertainment show. You're suppose to hate CM Punk and want to see The Rock kick his butt. Mission accomplished on your television. Keep going, spend $60 on Royal Rumble in three weeks.

It isn't like CM Punk was doing a legit media interview and slammed Sammartino or Graham.

Bruno Sammartino is one of the greatest ever. The heights his popularity got to and his general toughness can never be forgotten. But CM Punk didn't say anything I disagree with.

CM Punk took facts in regards to a lighter schedule compared to now, he spun them to fit in with the point he was making in the entertainment promo and said what he said.

The fact is, the schedule of events as well as the style in which it was fought was nowhere near as physically demanding as it is now.

I've been with Bruno several times. I was fortunate enough to travel from Pittsburgh (where we all live) to New York for the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame with Sammartino, Dominic DeNucci and others, as we spent a weekend there celebrating stars from the past.

Sammartino is as tough as they come. I have great respect for his contributions to professional wrestling.

However, let's face it. He was selling out in a time where the situation was much different. Wrestling was still very much a mystery and very fresh in many ways to the audience. Not as much was known about the inner workings. It wasn't over saturated so people jumped at a chance to see it on a big stage.

Unfortunately, good records dating back in the 1960s for WWE's events then aren't easily available. There is documentation from the late 1970s as you can see here from Online World of Wrestling. As it shows, big monthly shows and a trip back to Madison Square Garden (as it was center of WWE's territory then) about every other month.

I'm sure there are other events or shows guys like Sammartino worked that aren't documented, but not 300 shows a year and no TLC matches.

Does it make CM Punk a better champion then Bruno Sammartino? I don't think that can even be answered.  I think you have to compare them to the times. I think Punk has a great hold on his current era just as Sammartino had a hold on his era.

You can't answer the question but you certainly can't get up in arms on social media when CM Punk makes comments on an entertainment show on a promo. Whether Punk actually believed any or all of what he was saying to get heat on Raw―how are you going to argue with what he's saying?

He was saying he would have been dominate during Bruno Sammartino's era. Based on Punk's talents, work ethic and accomplishments―it's hard to dispute that. The biggest thing going against Punk is his size. In that era it was land of big men. Although if Punk came out with his tattoos and piercings in 1965, he would have sold out MSG every time with people wanting to see this freak to believe it.

Graham has been apart of that anti-WWE movement. Just as with Sammartino, he's another guy who wants nothing to do with WWE. Although, unlike Sammartino, Graham did accept and go in to the WWE Hall of Fame. Times have changed guys. Nobody is taking away what you did but stop taking away what the current guys have to do now. Business and world has changed.

A veteran like Billy Graham speaking out on how terrible CM Punk's IN CHARACTER comments were is a joke. Weren't you in the business? Weren't you in the era of these amazing sellouts by Sammartino at MSG? Don't you know making the viewer mad as a heel is part of drawing money?

Is Graham upset at CM Punk's comments or upset at the fact he found himself as a fan getting sucked into the story? Because he can't be a fan of the sorry excuse for a show and terrible company he doesn't want to be associated with. The same company that paid him and let him perform on a card at Madison Square Garden.

It's ironic that Graham is speaking out against CM Punk. If you look at WWE title reign history, Graham held the title for nearly 300 days and did it as a heel. This is unique because most of the lengthy title runs are courtesy of faces that are big fan favorites holding the title.

CM Punk of course started as a face and has transitioned to a heel. Perhaps Graham was just trying to get his name back into relevance.

I hope that's the case. If he is believing what he's typing on social media, I'd be disappointed in the “Superstar.”