Katherine Webb Signs Alabama Helmets, Swag Quickly Sold on EBay for Hundreds

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 9, 2013

Jan 7, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Katherine Webb (girlfriend of A.J. McCarron) celebrates after the 2013 BCS Championship game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Sun Life Stadium. Alabama won 42-14.  Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Stand back former viral sensations and fortunate souls enjoying Internet stardom. Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron's girlfriend, is working on a whole new level. 

We knew things were bizarre when a girlfriend who spent all of a few moments on screen during the BCS National Championship Game became a Twitter sensation

Little did we know this would have monetary ramifications for Alabama fans who just had to have her autograph alongside a hankering for mini football helmets

Busted Coverage reports a mini Alabama helmet bearing the name of McCarron's boo, Katherine Webb, was placed on eBay for $199.99. 

Nobody in their right mind would fork over hundreds of dollars for a helmet signed by the latest star. Wait...it sold?

Yup, not only did it sell, but the thing is authentic. Busted Coverage reports they received a direct message from Webb on Twitter stating, "[s]ome guys came up to me with like all kinds of merchandise and asked me to sign."

I am already a little iffy on handing over a ton of money for a mere signature but draw the line at people made famous because Brent Musberger fawned over them

I can now imagine explaining the purchase a decade from now. "Oh, and this is from that one time that young woman was shown on TV...Something Webb. Anyway, I paid $200 for it."

While this one is gone, there is hope for you degenerate fans to purchase others because Busted Coverage reports yet another helmet has hit the eBay market. 

Seeing as how the other one flew off the virtual shelf, this mini helmet is listed at $249.99. There is no word if this purchase comes with a slap to the face, but it should. 

Buying this helmet would be like paying $250 in 2011 to have a looping of "Call Me Maybe" play on your mantle. Something tells me this will look a little silly a month from now. 

Knowing what I know about college football fans, that helmet has no hope of going unsold. 


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