WWE Raw 3/30/09: The Good The Bad and The Ugly: Last Raw Before WMXXV

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

The Good:

The End of the Show—The McMahons Unite!

I thought Orton's Promo ran a bit too long, and there were too many video clips, but I liked seeing the McMahon boys all together. Seems like we should have seen this sooner, but maybe they have the right idea, because it is possible to get a little too sick of Vince if you see him too much.

Big Show Squashes John Cena—The match itself left some to be desired, but I was surprised by the clean finish, and the fact that Big Show came out on top, even though it automatically means he doesn't win at Mania, was still good for me.

HBK DX's The Deadman—I thought the promo was a bit long and tedious, and the HBK under the casket was predictable, but I liked the payoff... I just wish they had made this match at Mania a little more interesting... Maybe a ladder match, where both men have to reach a bottle of Rogaine hanging from the middle of the ring.

I liked the DX tauntung that HBK was doing... I like him in a heel persona... but that might be nostalgia talking.


The Bad:

Jericho vs. The King—I was not feeling this match at all.  It added nothing to the build of the Legends vs. Jericho at Wrestlemania.  It was basically a squash, and Jericho's promo was everything we've heard him say before.  I continue to question this angle in general, but less than a week away, I hope they know what they're doing.

And to add insult to injury, we had to here Michael Cole announce by himself.

HBK "You were expecting someone else"—Might as well have not gone back to that when they made the mistake of going to commercial—It just wasn't needed.

JBL further cheapens the intercontinental title by losing to Rey—Just for frame of reference, imagine if Ricky Steamboat had beat Randy Savage one week before Wrestlemania 3.  I know that this match isn't anywhere near as important but that in essence is the problem.

Wrestlemania 11 video package—This was a horrible Wrestlemania, and they highlight a poor match from it, and I'm an LT fan.  It's disgraceful that they have completely ignored Randy Savage in these, from WM3 to his tournament win in WM4, to the mega-power collision in WM5, to a few more great WM moments.  Not good.

Kane wins the MITB Battle Royal—I'm just sick of the buildup to this... how many different ways can we get these guys in a match together—and not one ladder match... way to sell it WWE.



The Ugly: (Absolutley Horrible)

Nothing was horrible, except for the 12 Rounds Ad