Scouting Report, Analysis and Predictions for Nebraska's New RB Terrell Newby

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 10, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star running back Terrell Newby has committed to Nebraska.

Newby is a very important commitment for Bo Pelini and the Cornhuskers, as he's one of the more talented running backs in the 2013 class. He checks in at 5'10'', 180 pounds and is the No. 8 ranked running back in the nation according to

Erik McKinney of reports on the commitment:

The Pac-12 programs looked to keep Newby closer to home, and the tailback eventually limited his choices to Nebraska and UCLA, but the Cornhuskers came out ahead, earning a verbal commitment from Newby on Wednesday. That actually came several days after he made his mind up officially, as Newby committed to the Nebraska coaching staff during an in-home visit this past Friday. 

“I was thinking about Nebraska for a while, but UCLA came into my recruiting process pretty late,” Newby said. “They really struck me. I was thinking about going [to Nebraska] for a long time, even these past few days I was really contemplating what I’d be able to base this decision off of, and I just felt like they were there from the beginning and truly, truly wanted me.” 

As stated earlier, this is a big commitment for Pelini and Nebraska, but what exactly is the 4-star running back bringing to the Cornhuskers?


Scouting Report:

Newby may be the most elusive back in the 2013 class. He has great speed and agility, but where he really sets himself apart is with his ability to make defenders miss. He displays elite footwork, excellent vision and is extremely shifty as a runner.

He hits the hole with a great burst of speed and quickness, and he's almost impossible to tackle once he hits the second level. His best move is his cut move, where he's able to plant his foot, get the defender moving one way, and quickly switch directions.

You can see a great example of this in the pictures below. Notice the strong plant of his left foot in the first picture. The defender is coming in from Newby's right, so he uses his plant and cut to switch the angle on the defender:

His next step is on a sharp angle to the right, which forces the defender to switch his momentum back the other way:

By the time the defender is able to recover, though, Newby's speed allows him to get the angle and get up field, despite a diving attempt by the defender:

This is precisely the skill set Newby will be bringing to Nebraska. His footwork makes him very hard to tackle, especially in the second level. He's also quick enough to beat defenders to the edge off the line of scrimmage.



Newby would be a good candidate for a redshirt in his first season. That will give him time to completely learn the system and transition to the college game. He's only 180 pounds, so that extra year of working and training in the weight room could end up being extremely important, and he'll have to work on putting on some mass without losing his quickness and agility.

When Newby does see the field, though, he has the potential to be a home-run running back for Nebraska. His elusiveness and footwork will project to the college level, and his skill set will give him an advantage over bigger and stronger defenders in the Big Ten.

Overall, he has incredible potential, and he could end up being a marquee running back for Nebraska.

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