Why the SEC Will Win BCS Title No. 8 Next Season

Michael Felder@InTheBleachersNational CFB Lead WriterJanuary 14, 2013

The SEC just chalked up their seventh BCS Championship with Alabama mashing out Notre Dame 42-14. If folks thought SEC fatigue was bad during the 2012 season, imagine the monster that it will become in 2013; Johnny Football plus Alabama reloading with a side of Jadeveon Clowney and you've got a beast.

If you are a SEC-hater suffering from SEC fatigue, buckle up or find a new hobby, because odds are the league is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Yes, the 2013 season likely ends the way the past seven have—with an SEC team carrying off the crystal football—because, why not?

Yes, the SEC is really good. Yes, the SEC has some of college football's best coaches. Yes, the SEC seems to have a stranglehold on great recruiting. In other words, until someone stops them, they are not going anywhere. 

The SEC Championship Game has grown from a highly anticipated early December meeting of divisional champions, into a de facto BCS Championship play-in game. Win that game in Atlanta and you write your own ticket to the title; often the national title comes a bit easier than the conference crown.

Unless you're 2011 LSU, that is.

Year, after year, after year, the smart move is to play the field against the SEC. Assume that they will beat each other up and miss out on a title shot. Year, after year, after year, the chips fall in such a way that the SEC retains the crown. At this point, the smart money is on the conference, not the rest of the college football world.

Sure, Ohio State went undefeated this year. Oregon looks great. Clemson has an offense that will give folks fits. Louisville just smacked around a highly ranked SEC squad. Even knowing those things, the safe play is to assume the SEC will be the final champion of the BCS era; at least until it doesn't happen.

In fact, Mizzou being in the SEC, in this context, makes perfect sense. Missouri's state motto just fits, when it comes to a non-SEC team winning a title, the correct response ought to be, "Show me."

Show me in January 2014 that a team from the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 or anywhere else can hoist the trophy. Show me that they can out-scheme the SEC after a 30-plus day break. Show me that they can get in the ring and go 60 minutes with the SEC's best.

That's not to say that Urban Meyer or Chip Kelly cannot get over the hump. Rather it is just to say, you won't find me betting against Mike Slive's gang. If the giant is to be slayed, let it be done before you believe it will come.

On the field? The SEC has teams that are flawed. They will be reloading. There will be injuries, inexperience, depth issues and there is certainly transition in the players and on the coaching staffs.

None of that matters, though, until someone actually kills the beast. The reign will end. It can be done, but I'll wait on calling the league's stranglehold dead. Essentially, I'll believe it when I see and not a moment before.