Dallas Mavericks: Would a Dirk-for-Dwight Trade Actually Make Sense?

Danny Webster@@DannyWebster21Analyst IIIJanuary 10, 2013

The hope was to get Dwight Howard and Dirk Nowitzki on the same team. Could they possibly be traded for one another?
The hope was to get Dwight Howard and Dirk Nowitzki on the same team. Could they possibly be traded for one another?Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

It takes a lot to get my attention at 6:30 a.m. PT.

No matter how many times my cell phone rings, or even how many breaking news notifications I get about the Oscars, I'm not going to wake up that early.

Apparently, coming across an article that says the Dallas Mavericks should trade Dirk Nowitzki for Dwight Howard is one of those rare ways to get me alert so early in the morning.

You think I'm joking.

As I slowly scrolled through my Twitter feed, I came across this article from The Los Angeles Daily News that was re-tweeted through members of the Dallas media.

The last thing I want to read so early in the morning is more news on possible destinations for Dwight Howard next season, but when you add The Big German into the conversation, there's going to be discussion.

Via Vincent Bonsignore from The Daily News:

From the Mavericks perspective, there's no way you deal the greatest player in team history to the hated Lakers, right? Right. Unless, of course, the player you get back is one of the very players you cleared all sorts of cap space for last year in hopes of landing him as a free agent or in a trade. Only for the Lakers to swoop in and beat you to him. If given another shot at Howard, Dallas might do what it takes to make it happen.Even dealing with the Lakers.


So, yeah, I'm awake now.

Who would've thought that it would take terrible seasons from both the Mavs and the Los Angeles Lakers to make a hypothetical trade of such magnitude even discussable?

Bonsignore does make a very valid point, however. Dallas spent this past summer clearing cap space in an attempt to get Deron Williams and/or Howard. Obviously, those plans were foiled, and Dallas settled for a few one-year-deal players.

First of all, let's be very clear: This is no rumor, and this is not being considered. Dirk does not want a trade out of Dallas, and the Lakers haven't been talking about being shoppers in the trade market.

But, as we like to do throughout most of the year, we love to play the speculation game.

Dallas can look at this from one of two ways: Finish the rest of the year, go after Howard as a free agent this summer and pair him with Dirk, or end the Dirk era completely and build around the best center in the league, who should be completely healthy by then.

The logical standpoint says to go after Dwight in Summer 2013, pair him with Dirk and add one more high-profile player, preferably Chris Paul if he decides to leave L.A.

But in a rare occurrence where both teams are doing poorly this year, would Mark Cuban dare consider trading the franchise's centerpiece to the team he despises so much?

All I'll say is don't put this idea in your rear-view mirror. If Dallas wants to bring in top-tier players, it may need to do something drastic.

If I'm Cuban, I'm keeping Dirk in Dallas no matter how bad this season turns out, and you've got to think the Lakers won't quit on whatever cluster of a project they're working on.

But if Dallas doesn't act now, will Cuban ever get another chance like this again?

Decisions, decisions. But, for now, it's back to bed for me.