25 Reasons To Be Excited About WrestleMania XXV

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 31, 2009

Every WrestleMania is special, any WWE fan will tell you that.
So what am I getting so hyped up about with this particular Wrestlemania? I will tell you.

1. Never has there been a WrestleMania with so much young talent in it before and so much of that talent is second or third generation wrestlers, it’s like the who’s who of wrestling royalty

2. The Legends handicap match, Chris Jericho vs. Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, & Jimmy Snuka .This match will propel Jericho right into the Wrestling history book, now to take a quick look at what led up to this .

Jericho has been mouthing off at the legends since Mickey Rourke came out with the movie “The Wrestler” The legends did not help things any by taking Rourkes side on this matter, that just made Jericho view each and every Legend as the pathetic character that Rourke portrayed as “Randy, The Ram”

3. The long overdue Diva’s Battle Royal. Twenty-five divas all in the ring at the same time. Spanning women warriors across 25 years of dedication and entertainment this is a historic event for the WWE Divas.

4. Would have to go to the brilliant build up and story lines that will come to a climax on that day (more on the story lines as I go).

5. The music and talent that will be there, Kid Rock, Nicole Scherzinger and a brand new theme song by Australian Rock Gods ACDC .

6. For the first time in WrestleMania we will get to see a Miss Wrestlemania , now that is totally awesome, don’t know about all of you but I am dying to see who gets that title.

7. The adrenaline.

8. The anticipation.

9. The atmosphere.

10. Wrestlemania is the place where the wrestlers take care of business and I cant wait to see the business being taken care of on the greatest stage there is.

11. The Memories of past WrestleMania’s.

Now lets go through a few more of the matches and storylines.

12. WWE Championship: Champion Triple H  vs. Randy Orton

Let’s take a look at the events leading up to this match.

It all started at the royal rumble where Orton won,thus earning him any title shot he set his eyes on, and he chose Triple H .

Now hold on, this story line gets better.

Yes Orton had earned his title shot but Triple H did not come into the equation until Orton decided to punt his way through the whole McMahon Family. First Vince, then Shane and then he crossed the line of using an RKO on Stephanie who is Triple H’s wife in real life—naturally, Hunter was hopping mad and after chasing Orton around with a sledge hammer for a few episodes.

Orton got the upper hand and handcuffed Hunter to the ropes and then threatened him with his own sledge hammer unless Stephanie came to the ring to rescue him, and Stephanie obliged this request that ended with her becoming the victim of a DDT by Orton and then he kissed her just before he hit Hunter with the sledge hammer .

Between you and me, I think that his IED had taken over, add to that the voices in his head and you will see that Orton is a innocent man who was not in control of his actions.

13. World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Edge vs. Big Show  vs. John Cena

Now, this story line is not for the faint hearted; nor do I recommend that you read it on a full stomach.

This is a story of two, no wait make that three star-crossed lovers, but it’s not just a story of love, this story has blackmail and double no wait, maybe it was triple betrayal ?
It all began when Vickie and Edge decided to get married, disgusting I know, but then again what else would you expect from the ultimate opportunist.

Things were going great for Edge until he betrayed Vickie and she reinstated the Undertaker whom she had striped of his title and Taker sent Edge away to a place that has no mirrors or razors (Hell) In a hell in the cell match, during the time of Edge being absent, Big Show became Vickie’s body guard, in more then one way I might add thus earning himself a title shot.

Now Cena was really cheesed of with Edge stealing his championship belt away from him in typical Edge fashion, by making sure that Kofi could not compete , then taking his place.

Well Cena wanted an opportunity to regain his title also but Vickie had it all sewn up between Edge and Show.

That’s when Cena blackmails Vickie into making this triple threat match or else he tells Edge about Show's and her's affair.
Which he did anyway.

14. Has to go to Jericho again this time for buying both Rourke and his pet dog ringside seats just so he can watch the humiliation of the legends that supported Rourke’s performance, and with any luck we will get to see Jericho slap Rourke until he becomes humble.

15. Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels  The Streak against Mr. WrestleMania ,The show stopper.

Shawn Michaels had to earn the right to take on the undefeated dead man at WrestleMania.

After defeating  JBL and then the following week defeating and ending the win streak of Koslov.

And what a show the show stopper gave us this past Friday with his tribute to the Undertaker .

Now I am still trying to get my head around Shawn Michaels representing the light, goodness and purity but it worked.

16. Has to go to The Extreme Rules Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

The build up to this match has been incredible , brother verses brother , jealousy ,malice and resentment and rage.

Although Jeff Hardy was on top of the world as WWE Championship, the title came with a curse, a black cloud hovered over the new champion, he was assaulted in his hotel room, his house caught fire, was run off the road, then came the Pyro incident.

All of this was caused by his bitter, twisted own brother Matt.

17. Goes to Intercontinental Championship match JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

No huge build up to this match Rey challenged JBL after he won the title.

Make no mistake though, there is bad blood between these two as JBL was forced to retire a few years back after Mysterio beat him.

18.  Has to go to JBL’s huge secret that will make history.

19. Goes to the Divas  that we still wish were on the roster that we are going to see at WrestleMania, Old rivals will be renewed .

20. The promotional and creative staff for all they do to make this special and unforgettable, they really do pull out all the stops for the grandest battle arena in the world

21.  Goes to all the HOF members that are going to be a part of this wonderful experience making it even more special .

22.  Goes  to the two tag team champions The Miz &  Morrison and Carlito & Primo
For the Tag Team Title Unification Lumberjack Match

The rules for this match are: The ring will be surrounded by wrestlers that will make sure that neither team tries to leave the ring during the match.

Although the story line between these four has not been sensational it has sure been entertaining, add to this mix the Bella Twins and the results were hilarious.

For the record this will be both Primo’s and the Miz  WrestleMania debut.

23. Goes to the competitors in the MITB ladder match.

CM Punk vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian vs. Finlay

For the record this is Kingston’s debut match at WrestleMaina

Rules of this match: A suitcase will be hanging over the ring. The only way to win this match is to climb a ladder and grab the suit case. Inside of the case is a guaranteed title shot that can be used for any title at any time over the next year.

If this match is anything like the previews we have seen demonstrated in the last two times these 8 warriors have met, then we are in for one hell of a match.

Four winners who have won this match have gone on to becoming champions.

24. The end of old story lines and the beginning of new ones created at WrestleMania

25 Correction here sorry guys. Kane for is at a crossroads  5 wins 5 losses . If he wins the MITB match he will be 6 for5

Well that's the twenty five reason I have for this years WrestleMania XXV .

What are your reasons?


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