Kenneth Faried Adorably Clueless About Great Game, Drops Expletive on Live TV

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 10, 2013

The Manimal merely plays the game, and doesn't trouble himself with stats. He also has a penchant for uttering some NSFW language during an interview. 

Yahoo! Sports reports on quite the night for Denver Nuggets' Kenneth Faried, who recorded a 19-point and 19-rebound double-double. 

Only, he wasn't exactly privy to that information right after the game. 

Here is his interview complete with an initial NSFW blast

Hooray for live TV. 

The moment comes after the Nuggets close, 108-105 victory over the Orlando Magic, one which was helped tremendously by Faried. 

One thing we love about this video, other than the expletive, is the pure shock Faried has at his stat line. In fact, we excuse the word because he is completely amazed at his numbers. 

Not that he should be, because Faried has had a double-double in five of his last eight games. With production like that, we may have to pay closer attention to his post-game interviews. 

Altitude Sports reporter Blake Olson tries to help him out by offering that he said "shoot." Sure, we will buy it, even though Faried excuses himself right after. 

Faried is here just to play some ball and have some fun. The rest of you can worry about the stats. 

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