United Football League: Future NFL Minors?

Brian LumpkinContributor IMarch 31, 2009

I have been hearing more and more about the upcoming United Football League. I have been wondering how it's going to be used, and why their slogan is: "Where the Future Stars Come to Play!"

Then, I read an article on CBS about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell considering using the UFL for a minor league. 

This could be a great thing for the NFL. By keeping the money wasted on NFL Europe and practice squads, where players get almost no development, the UFL would train players for future roles in the NFL. 

Starting with only four teams and six weeks could make it hard to get into the season, and make it boring. But if the NFL continues to support the UFL, it could very well take off.

A lot of people are saying the NFL already has a farm system: the NCAA. I agree, but what about the players who aren't good enough right out of college?

With development, we could get more qualified players in the NFL, and end up with more exciting games and more competition. 

I think it could also solve this pesky CBA thing. With good players coming up willing to play for less, it could drive down the demand for five-year, $20 million contracts. 

"No, I'm not going to pay you $10 million a year, because I got John Smith from the UFL that wants to play and only wants $1 million and he is just as good as you."

Think we could hear that soon?