Cleveland Browns Hire Rob Chudzinski: Culture Shock in Cleveland

Giancarlo Ferrari-KingFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2013

Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski
Cleveland Browns head coach Rob ChudzinskiGetty Images/Getty Images

Earlier tonight the Cleveland Browns opened up a new chapter in franchise history when they hired their next head coach (via ESPN). To many fans' dismay, this new coach wasn't named Chip Kelly. He wasn't named Jon Gruden. Heck his name didn't even begin with Mike.

No, the Cleveland Browns decided to shake things up and stun the sports world by hiring a name most of us didn't even have on our "short" lists. And that name was Rob Chudzinski.

Rob Chudzinski, or as his players and colleagues call him, "Chud," signed on to become the next commander of an organization in desperate need of change.

Considered one of the brightest young offensive minds in the NFL today, Rob Chudzinski's hiring is a monumental moment for the Cleveland Browns organization.

Factoring out the level of success Chud will or will not have during his tenure in Cleveland, this hire is so important for one major reason: It has finally brought real change to the culture of the Browns.

You can almost feel the flow of fresh electricity rushing through the dusty, hollow tunnels of Cleveland Browns Stadium. A new era of Browns football has arrived.

Gone are the days of Mike Holmgren, Eric Mangini and Pat Shurmur. Gone are the days of "old school" mentalities, and egos.

Because for first time in years, Browns fans finally have a piece of hope to cling to. They finally have a chance to get excited and feel good about the team they love so much.

Thanks to Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner, the Cleveland Browns have positioned themselves to become contenders once again.

What Rob Chudzinski represents is the Browns becoming part of the "new" NFL. Expect a better offense, a more aggressive defense and a guarantee that the Browns will play to win the game each and every Sunday.

With a ton of cash to spend in free agency, a roster stuffed full of young talent and a head coach dedicated to a progressive vision, the days, weeks and months ahead should be thrilling.

Browns faithful, I ask all of you to raise your glasses and give cheers to the change of culture in Cleveland. Enjoy it! You have all waited a long, long time for this moment.