Bears Fans: Let's Pump the Brakes on CFL Coach Marc Trestman as Head Coach

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2013

courtesy of Times-Columnist
courtesy of Times-Columnist

The Chicago Bears have been running a very thorough search for their next head coaching candidate—so thorough, fans have been getting impatient.

My thought has been that they are interested in a coach who is still wrapped up in the playoffs, like Denver's Mike McCoy or Green Bay's Tom Clements.

According to Pro Football Talk, Jimmy Johnson has other ideas: he says CFL coach Marc Trestman is already hired.

Now, there are a few things that set off red flags for me.

First of all, if he was hired, why wasn't it announced? It's not as if he is in the middle of the NFL playoffs, so there is no reason not to have announced it—or at least announce that an announcement is coming up.

But Halas Hall has been silent.

Further, the regular beat writers from Chicago have heard nothing save that the search is ongoing. Ditto national guys.

I was asked why the Bears then declined comment. Jensen was ahead of me here:

However, I think there's another reason beyond, "That's just how they're rolling this time out."

I think Trestman is still in the running for a coaching position—maybe head coach, maybe a coordinator slot. So rather than say exactly what his status is and give him reason to look elsewhere, the Bears merely don't comment.

They're not done, in part also because as Jensen pointed out, Emery has not (as far as anyone knows) brought his head coaching finalists in front of the CEO and Chairman as he said he would.

Also, Brad Biggs of the Tribune noted that Johnson didn't specify what kind of coach Trestman would be. Just that he would be a coach for them.

So let's pump our brakes on this report. I won't discount Jimmy Johnson completely, nor doubt he might have deeper or different sources and could be right either right now or eventually.

However, an awful lot of arrows are pointing to "not yet," so let's continue to let the process play out.

I think there's really only one (somewhat NSFW) thing to do here.


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