WWE Should Let Dolph Ziggler Cash in for the WWE Champioship

Tony DolemiteCorrespondent IIIMarch 2, 2013

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

When Dolph Ziggler finally cashes in his Money in the Bank opportunity, we naturally assume that it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship. After all, he did win the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match for that opportunity. What if the WWE decided to allow Ziggler to cash in his title opportunity for the WWE Championship instead? Talk about a huge shake-up!

I say that Ziggler should finally pull the trigger and cash in his title opportunity at WrestleMania 29. It would be the culmination of ten month's worth of a storyline built around Ziggler's quest to become champion. Why not WrestleMania 29, which is totally expected? What would not be expected is Ziggler cashing in his opportunity to become WWE Champion.

I'm going to make an assumption or two, or many. I'm going to assume that John Cena will defeat the current WWE Champion, the Rock, for the title at WrestleMania 29. I am also going to assume that Rock will leave the company long enough to film a couple of movies and pursue his other interests, hence giving us no rematch for the title. With Rock out of the way, CM Punk, I assume, will face Cena at least throughout the summer.

These assumptions to say the least are nothing, if not predictable. In order to keep the momentum from WrestleMania 29 going, the WWE will need to swerve the Hell out of us with the unexpected. This brings me back to Dolph Ziggler.

If the WWE did decide to go down this path they would have to come up with a logical way to make this happen. One way could be Vickie Guerrero, in an attempt to seduce Dolph and bring him back into the fold, use her power as Raw Supervising Manager to give him that chance. Dolph would need to dump A.J. in order to make this happen. The Ziggler, Guerrero, Lee triangle could become intriguing if done right.

Why not have Ziggler cash in his opportunity by challenging Cena right after Cena defeats the Rock? This would be a turning point for not only Ziggler but the WWE as well. Everyone expects Cena to not only win the belt, but hold on to it for a long time. I am a fan of John Cena and I'll admit it's been too long since he has held the title. However, unless Cena changes things up a bit, giving us something different, then this run will be just like his others. By positioning Ziggler to win the belt, it turns everything upside down. Now we have Cena pursue the title and Ziggler, giving Ziggler credibility by putting him over.

We could see Ziggler defend the title against not only Cena,but stars like Ryback and Sheamus. He could renew his rivalry with Chris Jericho. A run with the WWE championship might be a breath of fresh air for Ziggler and the WWE.

Anyway, just thinking outside the box. What do you think?