WWE News: The KLIQ Reunites at NXT Taping

Gone Baby GoneContributerJanuary 12, 2013

Courtesy Shawn Michaels Twitter
Courtesy Shawn Michaels Twitter

That's right, folks, several member of the infamous KLIQ reunited at an NXT taping.

Thursday night, Shawn Michaels took to Twitter with the following:


Then WWE.com followed up on that tweet by posting a video (seen here) of that very NXT encounter.  Sadly, Scott Hall was not in attendance, which may not have been a bad thing, especially considering the shape that he has been in recent years. However, you can rest assured that if he did show, the WWE fans at Full Sail University would have definitely shown "The Bad Guy" some love.

Ultimately, the WWE has been doing a solid job at making NXT a fan-friendly show. In recent months, fans have seen and met several WWE stars and Legends at these tapings. Most times, the stars are there to help out the younger talent, or are scouting prospects to be called up to the "bigs."

From previous videos that I have seen, NXT's home at Full Sail University appears to similar to TNA's Impact Zone, which is not a good thing for WWE's rival company. Let's face it, when fans are looking to see some of today's top stars, they are looking for a grand-scale roll out and not a small sound studio.

Don't get me wrong, seeing your favorite star in an intimate setting is awesome, but it shouldn't be your main presentation.

In the end, the WWE is doing their best to show that NXT is the biggest proving ground there is to becoming a WWE star.