What Dan Samuelson's Flip from Nebraska to Michigan Means for Wolverines' Class

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 14, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The Michigan Wolverines have received the commitment of yet another offensive lineman—courtesy of a flip.

Offensive tackle Dan Samuelson flipped his commitment from Nebraska to Michigan, according to Tom VanHaaren of ESPN.com:

Dan Samuelson (Plymouth, Ind./Plymouth) decommitted from Nebraska and gave his commitment to Michigan while on his visit to Ann Arbor. Samuelson now gives the Wolverines six offensive line commits in what is shaping up to be one of the more impressive hauls in one class. 

VanHaaren goes on to report that Samuelson can play either guard or tackle for Brady Hoke and the Wolverines, so this is a big pickup for their 2013 class. Samuelson is ranked as 4-star player by Scout.com and a 3-star recruit by Rivals, ESPN RecruitingNation and 247Sports.com.

In general, Hoke's 2013 class has a chance to be very good, and Samuelson will be an important part of that potential success.

Michigan is trying to transition to the pro-style offense while at the same time remaining competitive with Ohio State, Michigan State and the rest of the Big Ten. Ask any coach, athletic director or general manager and they'll tell you that the best way to build any football program is through the trenches. The fact that Hoke is bringing in so many great lineman recruits through this class (and the 2012 class) is huge.

The importance of great offensive lineman is magnified when considering the transition in offense that the Wolverines are trying to make. Michigan is going to need a group of big, physical lineman that can lead a strong rushing attack. However, they'll also have to be versatile enough to protect the quarterback—who will be in the pocket much more often than what Michigan fans have grown used to in the past few years.

Samuelson is joining a class that now features seven offensive lineman, including him. Depth is a key component for any good football program, but it's most important on the offensive line. There's arguably no position in football more physically demanding than the offensive line, and there's arguably no position more important than quarterback.

Having capable backups is integral during the course of any given season, but especially on the offensive line. Any drop in talent can severely impact the way an offense runs.

At 6'5'' and 280 pounds, Samuelson has the potential to be a valuable part of this 2013 class.

He may not have the star power of 4-star guard David Dawson or the immense potential of 6'7'', 307-pound 4-star tackle Logan Tuley-Tillman, but he's reportedly versatile, and that's a great quality to have as a lineman.

In fact, it's that versatility that could make Samuelson more than just a depth player when all is said and done.

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