Tim Tebow: Why Another Year as a Backup Would Be the Best Thing for Him

Chris Stephens@@chris_stephens6Correspondent IIJanuary 14, 2013

Tim Tebow still needs another year as a backup.
Tim Tebow still needs another year as a backup.Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Tim Tebow no doubt wants to be a starting quarterback. The best thing for him is to be a backup for one more year.

The controversy surrounding Tebow and the New York Jets dominated the headlines this year.

From the struggles of Mark Sanchez to head coach Rex Ryan going with Greg McElroy over Tebow, every angle was covered.

Tebow will likely leave New York this offseason and head somewhere else. However, it shouldn't be as a starter.

However, if you sit Tebow behind a good NFL starter near the end of his career, he could have long-term success down the road.

Imagine if he sat behind Tom Brady in New England, Tony Romo in Dallas or Drew Brees in New Orleans.

While all three are still years away from retirement, the work Tebow could get in with each team would be invaluable.

One year behind Brady or Brees would have him ready to sign with another team in 2014. One year behind Romo will put him in line to be the Cowboys starting quarterback in 2014 as Romo won't make it to 2014 if he has another choke job.

Tebow could gain experience in offenses that pass the ball a lot and allow him to work on his mechanics.

Look what sitting behind Brady did for Matt Cassel.

Although he still had his struggles in Kansas City, he was given a chance because of the success he had while Brady was injured.

The same could be said for Tebow if he goes to New England.


Not Much Work in 2012

Regardless of the reasons why Tebow didn't get much of a chance in New York, the fact is he lost out on a lot of game experience.

That certainly hurts him heading into 2013.

Most teams looking for a quarterback this offseason will be looking for someone with a little more work in 2012. Or, they'll look at drafting someone.

Tebow has a lot of work still to do with his throwing motion and it didn't help he was sitting on the sidelines for most of 2012.


College Hurt Tebow?

There are still major questions about what system fits Tebow best.

While the running game was dominant in Denver, he didn't get to show off his passing abilities as much as he would have liked.

While at Florida, Tebow ran a system that wouldn't succeed in the NFL, which is why he's had his struggles throwing the ball.

Had he been under a coach who would have taken more time to develop him as a passer, then we might be hearing a different story.

However, college coaches like the spread offense because it allows them to do more. But, that doesn't bode well for the quarterbacks in those systems.

When you look at the NFL starting quarterbacks in 2012, only Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III came from running systems. While Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are both running quarterbacks as well, neither came from systems that depended on the quarterback running the ball.

That has to tell you something.

NFL teams are looking for running quarterbacks. They're looking for players who will stand in the pocket.

Tebow still has some learning to do in that area, which is why another year as a backup wouldn't hurt.