Wade Barrett: Bringing Back Credibility to the WWE Intercontinental Title

Tony DolemiteCorrespondent IIIJanuary 14, 2013

Courtesy of Google Images.
Courtesy of Google Images.

With victories over Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton, Wade Barrett is on his way to bringing back credibility to the WWE Intercontinental Championship. I must say that is not a bad thing.

Unfortunately, championships don't carry the same prestige as they did back during wrestling's peak. The Intercontinental Championship is a prime example.

Somewhere along the way, the title became nothing more than a prop, instead of remaining the second most sought after title in the WWE. I'll go so far as to say it was perhaps the most prestigious secondary title in the business, more so than the U.S. Championship.

In Wade Barrett, you have a great wrestler who has future world champion written all over him. Since defeating Kingston, Barrett has been impressive. Leading up to his victory, he was impressive. He has the skills and the attitude to not only survive a lengthy run as champion, but thrive in the role.

He could very well redefine what it means to be the Intercontinental Champion.

Of course, here today, gone tomorrow. A few months ago when The Miz won the championship, I predicted that he would have a lengthy run as the champ.

It wasn't long before Kofi Kingston came along and took the belt off of him. The same thing happened to Kingston thanks to Barrett. Depending on WWE Creative, Barrett could lose the belt when he makes his next title defense.

Longevity is not a part of the belt's vocabulary.

In order for the title to remain relevant and regain the glory of its past, it needs to take the same route as the WWE Championship. Whoever holds the championship should be allowed to hold onto it for a significant period of time. How long is a significant period of time? Certainly not a year, but at least four to six months.

Toss in a heated rivalry the likes of Steamboat vs. Savage and we have a reinvigorated championship belt.

Given enough time, Barrett can be the catalyst for greatness for the Intercontinental Championship. As hungry as he is and as dangerous as he can be, Barrett's career is destined for greatness. When we look back at his career years from now, this should be one of the highlights. Barrett and the Intercontinental Championship were made for each other.  

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