What Happened to Sheamus' Push?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

It seems like only yesterday that WWE superstar Sheamus had the World Heavyweight Championship title secured firmly around his waist.

In fact, it was actually in late October that the Celtic Warrior was defeated for the title by the Big Show at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

And for a good space of time after that event, Sheamus was hell-bent on regaining that precious gold belt.

But in recent weeks, he has dropped out of the main event picture entirely and has begun feuding with upstart faction 3MB. Which begs the question as to how a performer can go from the main event picture to the low midcard in a matter of only a few weeks.

Now, this is not to say anything negative about 3MB, or even Sheamus himself, but going from competing in some of the most high-profile matches at any given event to competing in midcard contests against unproven would-be superstars is a pretty large slide.

Barring some type of backstage incident, it is hard to see why exactly this is happening.

And sure, Sheamus was one of the superstars that entered the fray on Raw to defend Mick Foley against an attack from the Shield. But shortly after that quick appearance, he was back in the ring to wage war with lesser-known counterparts 3MB.

At age 34, Sheamus is not getting any younger. He's not yet at a make-or-break place, but if things don't turn around in the near future, the company may very well lose one of its most popular superstars to the one thing that invariably kills any person’s success: obscurity.

The problem is that we’re not discussing a mid-level superstar like Zack Ryder or Cody Rhodes and debating their future in tenuous times. Sheamus is a two-time WWE champion and has also won the World Heavyweight and United States titles.In addition, he was the winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble.

And now he's waging weekly battles against former enhancement talents.

With Alberto Del Rio defeating the aforementioned Big Show last week for the World Heavyweight title, it throws Sheamus’ position into question. It's unlikely that the company will pit two face superstars against each other, so a title match between the two is all but out of the question.

Of course it's entirely possible that Show could regain the title at the Royal Rumble, setting up another collision course with the Great White.

Or, more likely, Del Rio will retain the title, only to be quickly defeated for it by Money in the Bank briefcase holder Dolph Ziggler. And that sets up a long-awaited Sheamus/Ziggler showdown.

While it wouldn’t be Sheamus’ last shot at the big time, or the last time he would be able to make a run at the title, keeping him on top is incredibly important if the company intends to make him the next major face.

Hopefully he can turn around his luck sometime in the near future, before “White Noise” becomes deadly quiet.