John Cena Is Burying Dolph Ziggler's Future

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 18, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

The feud between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler should have ended after their TLC match.

Instead, these two continue to feud on a weekly basis.

And while Ziggler walked away with the win at TLC, Cena is burying his future. 

How many times do we need to see Ziggler vs. Cena and watch as Dolph throws everything that he can at him?  The worst part about their matches so far has been how Cena simply won’t go down.

It's a waste of time for Ziggler at this point to feud with Cena when he should be worrying about the World Heavyweight Championship.

It would be understandable for these two to face off week after week if Ziggler was able to walk away with a win.  Instead, Cena continues to bury him, as he manages to find some way to not only overcome Ziggler, but Big E Langston and AJ Lee as well.

John Cena is burying Dolph Ziggler's future.  Ziggler’s matches with Cena after TLC have been pointless and have only helped in making Ziggler look weak.  Dolph should be getting pushed to look like he can contend for the world heavyweight title.  Instead, he's getting crushed by Cena on a weekly basis.


Superman Cena

The last two weeks on RAW have been ridiculous.  Cena and Ziggler put on great matches, but could the WWE make it seem any more unbelievable? 

How many times did Ziggler hit Cena with a finishing move, yet Cena still got up?  Even in their match two weeks ago, Big E Langston got involved, and Cena still got up.

Cena and his superman act is a big reason why Ziggler's future is being buried.

How can Ziggler be viewed as a top star, or even as championship material, if he constantly throws everything that he can at Cena and still can't keep him down?

Meanwhile, Cena seemingly gets Ziggler down and out with one Attitude Adjustment.

What makes it even worse is how Ziggler "cheats" by having AJ and Big E Langston get involved.  Yet he still can't manage to get a win.

Cena and his superhuman gimmick are burying Ziggler's future.  Ziggler needs to get a win on RAW before their feud comes to an end so that he looks like he can be a serious contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Time to Move On

Before Ziggler's run-in with John Cena started to turn sour, The Show-Off was on a bit of a roll.  He managed to beat and pin Randy Orton at Survivor Series and was sounding good verbally when he would harass AJ Lee and Cena.

TLC is where their feud should have ended.  Ziggler was great against Cena in their ladder match, and after AJ Lee turned her back on Cena, Ziggler and Lee should have just moved on.

Instead, the feud has been sent into overkill.

Of course, we know that Ziggler only won the TLC match because of AJ.  Do we really need to see Cena win on a weekly basis to show that he can beat Ziggler?

Their feud will also become pointless sooner or later.  Both wrestlers will be heading in different directions.

Cena will more than likely play a role in the WWE Championship scene leading up to WrestleMania 29 while Ziggler will hopefully use his World Heavyweight Championship contract by, or at, WrestleMania.

The longer that these two stay in a feud, the more that Ziggler loses his momentum as a serious contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Failing to Learn from the Past

When John Cena couldn't compete at Hell in a Cell, Ryback was brought up as his replacement.  It was rushed, to say the least, but a big reason why the WWE needed to bring up Ryback was because of the lack of top-level talent.

Dolph Ziggler clearly has what it takes to be a top talent, but if he can't manage to beat John Cena with the help of both Big E Langston and AJ Lee, how does that make Ziggler look?

Of course, he won't beat Cena clean; no one besides The Rock does, but if the WWE plans to bring Ziggler up, having him win with the help of Langston and Lee would be the place to start.

Dolph looked prime for a big push to a top wrestler after successfully defending his Money in the Bank contract at TLC.

John Cena is burying Ziggler’s future.  If Ziggler fails to come out on top when these two finally part ways, it will be hard to take him as a serious contender for the world heavyweight title.


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