Eve: Can WWE's Divas Division Survive After Departure of Former Champion?

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

With rumors running rampant regarding Eve's possible departure from WWE heading into the 20th anniversary episode of Raw, it seemed likely that Kaitlyn would win the Divas Championship. That is precisely what happened, but now the WWE has an uphill climb when it comes to life after Eve.

According to WWE.com, Eve "quit" the company following her loss to Kaitlyn, so it seems as though the rumors have been proven true. While not everyone was a fan of Eve, there is no question that she came a long way over the years in terms of her in-ring work and her character development, so she'll be extremely difficult to replace.

A.J. Lee has been the most visible diva in recent months, but Eve has unquestionably carried the mail for the divas division. A.J. didn't compete all that often; however, Eve was wrestling almost every night and she had the most dominant heel persona on the roster among women. The divas division was incredibly thin before her departure, but it's pretty much barren at this point.

It's obvious that the torch has been passed to Kaitlyn based on the fact that she's the new Divas Champion, but she can't do it on her own. Kaitlyn definitely has the good looks, personality and budding in-ring skills needed to be a success. The issue, though, is that the WWE has so few divas on the roster that she has very few options in terms of who she can feud with.

The most obvious choice at this point is A.J. Kaitlyn and A.J. were once best friends, but Kaitlyn's disapproval of A.J.'s relationship with Daniel Bryan led to a falling out that they have never recovered from. A.J. is now a full-fledged heel as Dolph Ziggler's girlfriend and could stand to be used more as an actual competitor. If she is, then Kaitlyn is a very natural rival and the storyline writes itself.

Aside from A.J., there isn't much the writers can do. Tamina Snuka could be a holdover feud, but the WWE has never seemed to put a lot of confidence in her as a title contender. The matches between Kaitlyn and Tamina would undoubtedly be good, though, as they're both powerhouses, so I wouldn't mind seeing that.

Kaitlyn vs. Natalya is another potential rivalry that could entertain, but Natalya is currently entrenched as a face. I realize that the WWE often changes divas from face to heel and back again at the drop of a dime, but Natalya is The Great Khali's girlfriend (or something) right now, so it wouldn't be logical to make the switch.

Layla is also a reliable worker, however, she is also a face. Aside from that, the rest of the roster is mainly filler with Alicia Fox having experience and Naomi having a ton of potential. They are faces as well, though, meaning some kind of change would have to be made in order to have them feud with Kaitlyn.

The fact of the matter is that the divas division can continue on for a while longer without Eve thanks to the likes of A.J. and Tamina waiting in the wings, but that can only last so long. There wasn't much time being put into the divas division even when Eve was the Divas Champion, so I can't imagine that more effort will be put forth in her absence.

Eve is hardly the first big-name diva to leave the WWE over the past year as The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix have also left. There are differing opinions on the talent level of all of them, but they got reactions from the crowd at the very least and added much-needed depth to the divas division that is no longer present.

With all of that said, it's abundantly clear that the WWE is in need of an infusion of talent when it comes to divas. There is some talent in NXT Wrestling, but it seems like the only one who is polished enough to make the jump to the main roster right now is Paige. NXT has dealt with some roster cuts as well with Shaul Guerrero and Buggy Nova leaving over the past couple months, so the roster is thin in its own right.

Aside from that, the WWE could always choose to look at outside sources. Sarita, Rosita, Winter and Angelina Love are former TNA talents looking for steady work, and all of them could potentially be assets to the WWE. Winter is the best worker of the bunch and was with WWE previously as Katie Lea Burchill, while Love had a great heel character in TNA and could instantly feud with someone like Kaitlyn.

Kharma is another name that will always come up due to the fact that her departure from the WWE took place on good terms, but it's unclear if she is ready for the grind the WWE would present. She was understandably distressed emotionally after suffering a miscarriage and it took a toll on her physically as well. The demanding WWE schedule might not be the best thing for her.

Aside from that, Sara Del Rey could potentially be an option at some point. She is currently employed by the WWE as a trainer in NXT Wrestling, but many consider her to be the best female wrestler in the world. It would be a shame for the WWE to sit on a gold mine and squander it, so I would love to see her be given an opportunity to wrestle.

Perhaps it's her own personal choice to train rather than wrestle, but I have to believe that she would want the chance to compete in a WWE ring at least once. Whatever the case, there are several options out there and the WWE needs to take advantage of them for the sake of the divas division.

Eve grew a lot during her time in the WWE and she developed into the WWE's top diva. Perhaps the divas weren't utilized too well with her in the fold, but I doubt things will get better without her unless some fresh blood is brought in.


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