John Cena: Is the WWE's Biggest Draw Destined to Fall to Midcard Status?

David LevinSenior Writer IIJanuary 17, 2013

Will the current feud between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler hurt the former WWE champion and help the rising star in the WWE?

Does the feud, which is all kinds of crazy, signal the end of Cena as a serious contender for the WWE or World Title?

Does it mean Cena, who has toiled in mediocrity for the past 13 months, will be limited to midcard status?

I questioned the reasons for Cena and his association with AJ Lee for a while and thought the holy union of such a pair was odd. I also have commented in the past how Ziggler is being wasted as a talent if he has not cashed in his Money in the Bank contract as of yet.

The situation with Ziggler not cashing in as of yet was not like Daniel Bryan and frankly, I am perplexed why the WWE is not pushing forward with Ziggler as a champion.

While I am struggling for answers, I see the writing on the wall that Cena is committed to winning the Royal Rumble and being a better performer in 2013 (what else is a boy scout supposed to say?). The fact still remains the feud with Ziggler helps "Ziggy" more than it helps Cena and could push the face of the WWE farther down the totem pole. 

Could Cena, who is still the face of this franchise, lose more steam and fall into midcard status by WrestleMania? Could Ryback surpass him or someone like The Miz, who I still think can be the face of this company, and overtake the "Champ"?

Even Alberto Del Rio as a face (and what a great move by the WWE for doing so) is gaining steam and will be a hot character moving into WrestleMania and the summer months.

Where does this leave Cena?

CM Punk/Cena is done to death. Sheamus would have to turn heel. Ziggler could win the world title and Cena could move to SmackDown. Randy Orton presents a nice possibility. But honestly, there is lot left to be desired if Cena continues his tumble.

I would like to think we as fans do not have to continue to see the same feuds over and over again, but that is what Vince McMahon has done with over-saturation. The Cena tumble could actually be a good thing for the company in terms of developing talent and creating new superstars.

But in the meantime, the WWE's biggest star will continue to drop rung after rung until the company figures out what to do with him.